Doily Fragrance - crochet schemes


Supplies:100 g of cord No. 30 hook Saw No. 20.

Dimensions: 78 cm x 30 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.6 cm.

Doily Fragrance  crochet schemes


Rectangle: On a bed. 183 ch, making shells 2 br, 1 ch, 2 br. and arc. 5 ch, one sc. according to the patterns.

Pattern A:

1st round: In a loop made ??with the yarn end. crochet 15 dc. (always replace 1st br.'s round by 3 ch). 2nd round: Czech. on br ea. 1 br, 2 ch. To one side, connecting

21 reasons together with 1 sl st in the round 2 *.

Pattern B:

Make a chain of 15 ch to 14 sc on one side, then 3 sc. around the st. up early to form a rounded, and 11 sc on the other side of the bed. Continue in rib as drawing pt (bite ea st. strand in the rear of the sc of the previous row). Assembler 3 sheets at hand pt overlock and make groups of 3 and 5 sheets ea end of the book.



Attach the wire pattern A. where indicated (a) and make sc. inside designs assembled and fill the spaces with ch. Surrounding grounds with a round sc. 2 * connect to turn the leaves A units and 5 ch rectangle, 3 triples br. tog., 5 ch. 1 sc. as shown in the drawing. Repeat the same work on the other side of the item.

Doily Fragrance  crochet schemes

Doily Fragrance  crochet schemes