Doily Lucky - Crochet Pattern


Supplies: 20 g of white cord No. 40. Steel hook No. 22.

Dimensions: 25 cm2.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.5 cm.

Doily Lucky  Crochet Pattern


Make one strip around the edge and one central strip, then fill 4 spaces.

Band around the edge:

1st round: Make a chain of 5 st. Still add 5 st. Aloft, 5 br. Onto the bed. 5 st. 2nd round: Make 5 ch, turn the book. 5 br. 5 br.'s previous round.

From 3rd to 25 round: Make referring to the pattern. After working on 5th round, to 2 ch and attach to the hoop of 4th round sc 2 m. In the air, so after working the 62nd row to 2 m . in the air, rear arches close 4 1 ms, 2 ch, and so on. at the end of the row, assemble at the beginning by round sc.


Central band:

Make 24 rows by joining the points indicated by ms Attach the wire inside of band and make 1 dc. in each of the poles.


From 1st to 5th row: Attach the wire to the position shown, make Arches of 9 st. Circle in the air. After 5th working row, cut the thread.

Edge: From 1st to 3rd round: Refer to the pattern.

Doily Lucky  Crochet Pattern