Easy Crochet Fruits


Materials: Cotton crochet different colors for all fruits hook no. 2, a little green baize for strawberries, a bit of sticky tape green cherries, kapok, the brown sticky tape, glue, pen black and orange felt.

Dimensions: See drawing

Sample: 5 cm2 m. tight = 21 m. x 22 rows.

Easy Crochet Fruits


Cherry: In a loop formed with the end of the wire, to 1 ch, 6 sc, 1 sl st in the ch in the beginning. Start chq. round with a ch. 2nd - 5th round: Incr. to ea. Round 6 ch., for 12, 18, 24, 30 sc. For inc. 1 st, stung 2 times in the same hole. 6th-8th round: Make 30 st. in sc. From 9th to 12th round: Dimin. to 24, 18, ??12 and 6 st. To dimin. 1 st., Flow 2 st. ens tight. Cherry finish by drawing.


Strawberry: In a loop, to 4 sc. 2nd to 10th round: Incr. 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 sc. From 11th to 12th round: 40 st. From 13th to 19th round: Dimin. 36,30,25,20, 15, 3 and 4 st.

Grape: In a loop, do 5 sc. From 2nd to 4th round: Incr. 10, 15 and 20. tight. 5th round: 20 sc. 6th-8th round: Dimin. at 15, 10 and 5 m. tight by design.

Pear: In a loop, to 8 sc. 2nd-7th round: Incr. to ea. 8 st round. From 8th to 11th round: Incr. 8 st. to ea. 2nd round. From 12th to 15th round: 72 sc. From 16th to 20th round: Dimin. to ea. 2nd round 8 st. From 21st to 22nd round: Make of 48 st. From 23rd to 25th round: Dimin. to ea. 2nd round 8 st. From 26th to 31st round: Work of 32 st. From 32nd to 35th round: Dimin. to ea. 2nd round 8 st. as shown in the drawing.

Easy Crochet Fruits