Trick or treat I Free Halloween Embroidery Pattern

Trick or treat Free Halloween Embroidery Pattern

Halloween is coming! It'll be soon! I have to embroider something scary sweet. Maybe it will be a pumpkin or a fluffy black cat. I remember when I was still a little child. We came to our neighbors and shouted as loud as possible: "Trick or treat!" Did You do that?

Embroidery pattern properties:

  • Thread Type: Anchor DMC
  • Number of colors: 17
  • Canvas Type: Aida 11 or Aida 14 or Aida 18
  • Canvas color: white
  • Size of the finished work: 84 X 83 stitches
  • Type of stitches used: Full cross, straight stitch, back stitch needle, French knot, Petite Stitches

You can download the embroidery pattern in jpg format. Click DOWNLOAD below.