Sad Christmas Teddy Bear - Free Embroidery Pattern

Sad Christmas Teddy Bear - Free Embroidery Pattern

Christmas is coming soon! A sad Christmas teddy bear is sitting in the corner. And it is forgotten. It is just an old battered toy. But for someone else it is a favorite toy. Someone will come and hug a teddy bear. Someone will save it from loneliness. After all, Christmas is a time of miracles! May embroider this teddy bear and present to someone who is alone this Christmas...

Embroidery pattern properties:

  • Thread Type: Anchor
  • Number of colors: 13
  • Canvas Type: Aida 14 or Aida 14
  • Canvas color: white
  • Size of the finished work: 44 X 61 stitches
  • Type of stitches used: Full cross, straight stitch, back stitch needle, French knot, Petite Stitches

You can download the embroidery pattern in jpg format. Click DOWNLOAD below.