Cacti For Every Taste - Free Embroidery Pattern

Cacti For Every Taste - Free Embroidery Pattern

This embroidery pattern is for those who really like cacti. They are aliens from the desert. Cacti are so cute and weird. We are surprised by their endurance in heat and cold. What a beauty is a blooming cactus! It is very easy to embroider these nice little cacti. There are only 11 colors. The finished work is not big.

Embroidery pattern properties:

  • Thread Type: DMC
  • Number of colors: 11
  • Canvas Type: Aida 14
  • Canvas color: white
  • Size of the finished work: 122 X 43 stitches
  • Type of stitches used: Full cross, straight stitch, back stitch needle, French knot, Petite Stitches

You can download the embroidery pattern in PDF format. Click DOWNLOAD below.