Four Season - Free Embroidery Pattern

Four Season - Free Embroidery Pattern

There are four season. This is a gentle spring, bright summer, golden autumn and white winter. These embroidery patterns are not big. Width is 52 stitches each of the patterns. Height is 140 stitches each of them. It's easy enough to embroider. You can make all four patterns a whole canvas or each separately.

Embroidery pattern properties:

  • Thread Type: DMC
  • Number of colors: 40 for all patterns
  • Canvas Type: Aida 14
  • Canvas color: White
  • Size of the finished work: 52w X 140h stitches one of four or 223w X 140h stitches
  • Type of stitches used: Full cross, Back Stitches

You can download the embroidery pattern in PDF format. Click DOWNLOAD below.