Filet Crochet Partterns for kitchen


Filet crochet patterns are good decorations for kitchen. The fresh kitchen look: delicate crochet laces combined with rustic red/white-checked cotton fabric.


Crochet edging 165 rows x 52 spaces/82.5 x 26 cm/321/2 x10 1/4, curtain 81.5 cm/32 1/8 wide and 120 cm/471/4 high. Curtain measurements are adjustable in height as required and in width by units of 1 PR of the crochet edging (= 27 spaces/13.5 cm/ 5 1/4). For general instructions, see tablecloth.

Materials: See tablecloth. You will need 100 g Spitze 20 and 0.90 m/1 yd checked fabric; also: 0.85 m/1 yd curtain tape; white sewing thread.


Crocheting: For 45 spaces, crochet foundation of 136 ch. Following PC, work 3 PR from arrow e to f, then end with the section to arrow g. In 1 st and last row, work only 1st square on edge of scallop as empty square and all remaining squares as filled blocks. Block finished lace to 82.5 x 26 cm/321/2 x10 1/4. Spray with starch.

Sewing: Cut fabric on grain to 85.5 x 97 cm/333/4 x 38. Turn raw edges on sides and top under by 0.5 cm/3/18 and 1 cm/3/8 and stitch. Turn lower edge of fabric to right side by 0.5 cm/3/16 and press. Baste edging in place, overlapping 1 cm/3/8, and double topstitch in place. Stitch curtain tape to wrong side of upper edge.


48 x 48 cm/19 x 19 including 4 cm/1 5/8 wide self-border. Crochet motif 56 spaces x 56 rows/28 x 28 cm/11 x 11. For general instructions, see tablecloth. Materials: See tablecloth, you will need 50 g Spitze 20 and 50 x 100 cm/193/4 x 39 1/2 checked fabric (cut on grain); also: 1 zipper, 40 cm/16 long. Crocheting: For 6 spaces, crochet foundation of 19 ch + 3 ch for 1st tr. Work following PC, beginning with 1st row. Work increases and decreases on each side following PC. Block the finished motif, see tablecloth.

Sewing: Finish raw edges of checked fabric with zigzag stitch. Blindstitch crochet motif to center of fabric by hand. Stitch short edges together with 2 cm/3/4 wide seam, right sides facing, leaving a 40 cm/16 slit in center for zipper. Press seam open. Insert zipper so that it is concealed. Stitch side seams with 1 cm/3/8 seam allowance, centering motif on cushion front. Turn cushion cover right side out. Topstitch 4 cm/1 5/8 from all edges to form self-border.


Approx. 119 x 119 cm/47 x 47, including crochet edging (52 filet spaces/26 cm/10'/ wide). Measurements are adjustable by 1 PR/54 rows each (= 27 cm/10 5/8), both lengthwise and width-wise. Pattern chart/PC, crochet charts/CC A and B, and illustrations a to d on worksheet A. Materials: 500 g white crochet cotton Steinbach Spitze 20 (50 g/330 m/361 yds); 1 IMRA Rekord steel crochet hook size 1.00 mm (US 10, UK 4); 75 x 75 cm/29 1/2 x 29 1/2 red/white-checked cotton fabric; 1 spool white Gutermann sewing thread. Gauge: 20 filet spaces x 20 rows =10x10 cm/ 4x4.

Filet crochet: Crochet the foundation with an extra ball of yarn. If you make a mistake in your counting, you can then easily add or undo ch. To begin 1st row, join new yarn to 1st ch of foundation. Replace the 1st tr of each row with 3 ch. Work following PC. For filet spaces (= ?) work 2 ch and 1 tr into every 3rd ch of foundation continuously to end of row. Beginning with 2nd row, work the tr in the tr of previous row. For the pattern (= •) work tr instead of ch. Increasing: At beginning of row add 3 ch for each square in the PC + 3 ch for 1st tr, see ill. a. At end of row add 2 ch and 1 ttr for each empty filet space, see ill. b. For each filled pattern block add 3 tr with base loop, see ill. d: yrh once, draw up Ip as usual, crochet off 1 Ip once, then 2 Ips twice. Decreasing: At beginning of row slst across spaces to be decreased, ill. c. At end of row just finish row earlier, leaving spaces unworked. Crochet edging: For 47 spaces, crochet foundation of 142 ch. Work following PC, beginning with 1st row. At scalloped edge work increases and decreases following PC and add 11 ch for each long rectangle, see also CC B. Crochet spiders on straight inner edge following CC A (working the dc around the last and second to last rows). After 2 PR from arrow a to b, crochet the 1 st corner from arrow b to c. At left edge, before the corner, shorten every 2 rows by 2 spaces and after the corner lengthen the rows again to correspond, see CC A and B (= shaded area in PC). After 2 PR from arrow a to b per side work 2nd to 4th corners from arrow b to c, ending 4th corner at arrow d. Sew last row and foundation together in pattern. Blocking the finished lace: Pin out edging exactly at right angles (innner measurement 67 x 67 cm/ 26 3/8 x 26 3/8), moisten with spray starch and leave to dry. Cut cotton fabric on grain to 70 x 70 cm/ 27 5/8 x 27 5/8. Finish edges with zigzag stitch and press to right side by 0.5 cm/ 3/16. Baste edging in place, overlapping 1 cm/3/8, and double topstitch in place.


Edging 165 rows x 28 spaces/82.5 x 14 cm/32 1/2 x 5 1/2. The length is adjustable by 1 PR/27 rows = 13.5 cm/51/4. For general instructions, see tablecloth. Materials: 100 g Spitze 20 (see tablecloth) and 1 IMRA Rekord steel crochet hook size 1.00 mm (US 10, UK 4).Instructions: For 21 spaces, crochet foundation of 64 ch. Work following PC, beginning with 1st row. After 6 PR from arrow to arrow, end following PC. Work increases and decreases at right edge following PC. Block the finished edging exactly at right angles, see tablecloth.

Source: ANNA.

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