Filet Crochet Table Cloth - Hortensia


Supplies: 80 g. of cord no.40; steel hook No. 22 (no.1,00).

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,6 cm.

Dimensions: 57 x 34 cm.

Filet Crochet Table Cloth - Hortensia


Start from the bottom and work in the height direction. Make 3 chain of 237 ch and

64 ch and work 1 st on each row separately : On each chain br. 2nd row: Making fishnet empty repeating 1 br, 2 ch, except for two ends. Augrn. 2 ras. at the beginning of the 2nd row. for chain. No. 1, chq. end for chain no. 2 and the end of the row. For chain. no. 3. These inc. are either ch, or with double-br. each of which is stuck into the base of the previous double-br. 3rd row: Connect 3 pieces with 2 chain into each 26 ch. From 4th to 114th row: Make res. filled br. and res. of empty pattern, inc. and dimin. the number of res. to ea. end. From 115th to 117th row: Work 3 parts as in the beginning.


Finishing: 1 row. of st. tight on chain base.

Filet Crochet Table Cloth - Hortensia