Free baby knitting patterns a warm dress kit for autumn


To make your baby feel comfortable in the autumn, you can make warm and cozy clothes for him/her yourself. Here are simple needle knitting patterns you can use. These free baby knitting patterns are simple to perform and they will be even easier for a needlewoman.

A wonderful warm dress kit for children. Here we have a poncho, a scarf, mittens and a cap everything your little one needs so they don’t get cold when walking on a cool day. Furthermore, we will present free needle knitting patterns and instructions for them.


We are going to need:



Yarn: it’s better to pick up yarn that contains 25% of wool. Yarn Weight Medium, 45 Knitting Stitches Per Inch.

200 g of red, 150 g of green, 100 g of white, 50 g of crimson and 50 g of blue.

Before starting the work, knit 2 samples with the needles 8 and needles 10.

The quantity of stitches is shown for the following knitting density: 4inХ4in - 16 st.Х23r.

With the needles 10 the knitting density - 4inХ4in - 15 st.Х21r.

The method of needle knitting for kids stocking stitch, i.e. all the knit rows are knitted with knits and all the purl rows with purls.

Free baby knitting patterns a poncho

Free baby knitting patterns a scarf

Poncho for a child, size 0-3 / 3-6

Poncho is knitted as one piece out of the yarn of red color.

1. Cast on 75/80 stitches with the needles #10

2. Knit stocking stitch 8.8/9,2 in

3. In the middle, bind off 9/10 stitches

Poncho is knitted as one piece out of the yarn

4. Knit separately 2.4/3in from the side of the bound off stitches

5. Then, knit a row from the beginning, cast on 9/10 middle stitches and continue knitting the row until the end. Finish knitting with a stocking stitch until the length of the poncho from the cast stitches equals 20/21.2 in.

6. Bind all the stitches off. Dress the edge of the poncho with a decorative stitch with white threads.

Free baby knitting patterns a scarf

The scarf is green. Cast on 18 stitches with the needles #10 and knit stocking stitch 32/34in long. Bind off the stitches. The scarf may be adorned with a short fringe or a decorative stitch with white threads.

All about needlework.

Free baby knitting patterns mittens

Free baby knitting patterns mittens

Mittens for a baby are knitted with the needles #8, and blue yarn. Each mitten consists of 2 parts. Two parts of a mitten are sewn together. In total you need to knit 4 identical parts for 2 mittens. Cast on 9 stitches. Knit with a stocking stitch, increasing 1 stitch 2 times in every 2nd row. In 2.8 in from the beginning, edge of the knitting bind off 1 stitch at each side of the knitting. Continue binding off stitches: 1 stitch at each side in every 2nd row. When the length of the mittens’ part reaches 3.8 in, bind off the remaining stitches. When all the parts of the mittens are joined, sew a thread 28 in long to them.

Free baby knitting patterns a cap

Free baby knitting patterns a cap

The cap is knitted from the crimson colored yarn with the needle #8. A pompon for the cap is made from the white yarn.

1. First, separately knitthe ears for the cap. For this, cast on 5 stitches, in every 2nd row increase 1 stitch 3 times. In 6 rows, remove the knitted ear from the needles and put aside. Knit another ear and remove it from the needles.

2. Cast on 11 stitches, string one knitted ear 11 stitches, cast on 24 stitches more and string the knitted ear you put aside 11 stitches, and then cast on 11 stitches more. As a result you get: 11st.+11 ear+24st.+11 ear+11st.= 68 stitches.

3. Knit all the stitches with a stocking stitch 4in.

4. Now we start decreasing stitches to convey the cap a rounded shape. Knit in the following way: 4 stitches 2 stitches together 6 st. 2 st. together 5 st. - 2 st. together 6 st. 2 st. together 5 st. - 2 st. together 6 st. 2 st. together 5 st. 2 st. together. Repeat the decrease in stitches in the rows 4, 8, 10, 12 after this.

5. Decrease 2 stitches in every next row.

6. Finish the cap, knitting the remaining stitches with a working thread.

7. Make a joining seam at the back. Trim the cap edges with white yarn. You may sew strings or braids to the ears to tie up the cap.

The presented needle knitting patterns for kids will help you make wonderful and warm clothes.