Free Crochet Pattern of Table Center Pineapples


Free Crochet Pattern of Table Center Pineapples

MATERIALS: 50 g of white crochet yarn no. 40; crochet hook no. 22 (English no. 5. International no. 1,00).

MEASUREMENTS: 42 cm in diameter (approx. 16 1/2 inches).


Make a loop with the end of the yarn.

1st round Make .16 double crochets (beginning with 3 chains) in the Ioop.

2nd round Repeat 6 times: *1 single crochet, 5 chains, skip 5 stitch of the preceding round*.

3rd 26th round Beginning the 1st series of pineapples from the 11th round and from the 24th round beginning the second series of pineapples bet. the 1st series.


26th round Finish the 1st series of pineapples. At the top of the pineapple make 1 single crochet in the Ioop of round which was just made.

27th 37th round Make the fans with picots at the top of the 1st series of pineapples. Break off yarn after working to the 37th round.

38th 44th round Attach the yarn where indicated on the drawing and finish each pineapple back and forth. For the double triple crochet of the middle of the 41st round, pass the hook between the 3 double crochet joined tog. taking the entire Ioop.