Free Crochet Patterns of TABLE CENTER BEDLAM


Free Crochet Patterns of Table Center Bedlam

MATERIALS: 115g of crochet yarn; crochet hook No. 1.

MEASUREMENTS: 70x35 cm (approx. 27 l/2x 13 3/4 inches).


Begin at center with a chain of 67 chains.

1st round Shape this base chain of both sides with nets repeat 1double crochet, 2 chains (22 times for each side) and work at each extremity according to the drawing. Always replace the 1st double crochet of the round with 3 chains.

2nd 11th round Form a rec­tangle with nets inc. in the corners.


12th round Alternate shells of 2 double crochets, 2 chains, 2 double crochets, with arcs of 5 ch according to the drawing.

12th 13th round Begin 5 pineapples in length and 3 pineapples in width with 9 double crochet.

14th - 25th round Continue the pineapples with arcs of 3 chains, 1 single crochet. At the same time enlarge the shells at the corners and beginning a 2nd series of pineapples.

26th 31st round Finish each corner and each pineapple separately I rows back and forth, attaching the yarn where indicated in the drawing.