Free Crochet Patterns of Table Cloth Asters


Free Patterns of Crochet Table Cloth Asters

Materials for crochet table cloth asters: 170 g of white natural crochet yarn No40, crochet hook No. 22 (English No. 5, International No. 1,00). Diameter of the table cloth asters 84,5 cm (approx. 33 ¼ inches).

How to crochet

Make 61 motifs as follows:

1st round. In a loop formed with the end of the yarn, make 1 chain, 12 single crochets.

2nd round. Repeat 12 times: *1 double crochet, 3 chains*. Replace the 1st double crochet of the round with 3 chains.


3rd round. Repeat 12 times: *1popcorn stitch of 5 double crochets, 4 chains*.

4th round. Repeat: *1 double crochet on each popcorn stitch 2 chains and on the following arc 2 times 1 double crochet, 2chains*.

5th round. *1popcorn stitch of 5 double crochets, 4 chains skip 1 arc of 2 chains*.

6th - 7th round. Arc of 6 and 7 chains. Finish each round with 1 double crochet.

8th round. Repeat 6 times: *2 arcs of 8 chains, 4 chains, 1 picot of 7 chains, 4 chains (instead of 3 chains given on the crochet pattern). For the motifs on the circumference: omit 1 or 2 picots according to the position. Begin from the 2nd motif, hook in the 8th round 1 sleep stitch in 8 places in arcs of the preceding motifs to join 61 motifs in the shape of a hexagone according to the crochet pattern. Form a ring adding nets 6 times with* 1double crochet, 2 chains above the 5 motifs.

Border of the crochet table cloth asters

1st- 3rd round. Nets of 1double crochet, 2 chains.

4th round. * 1 double crochet, 1 chain, 1 popcorn stitch of 5 double crochet, 1 chain, 1 double crochet, 2 chains*.

5th 8th round. Finish according to the crochet patterns.

Source: Magic Crochet.

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