Free Crochet Patterns Table Center of Flowers and Butterflies


Free Crochet Patterns Table Center of Flowers and Butterflies

MATERIALS: 30 g of white crochet yarn No.40; crochet hook No. 22 (English No. 5. International No. 1.00).

MEASUREMENTS: 40 cm in diameter 15 3/4 inches).


Butterfly motif.

Make a chain of 14 stitches, close to make a ring. Work the left wing back and forth according to the drawing. After having finished the 6th round, make the interior and exterior wing respectively. Attach the yarn again work the right wing as for the left wing. Begin from the 2nd butterfly, while making the left wing, of the 12th round, after having made 4 double crochet joined tog. pass the hook in the head of the 4 triple crochet joined tog. of the preceding motif and join them with sleep stitch. Break off yarn. Thus in succession, but join the 4th butterfly motif to the 1st and 3rd motif to form a circle with 4 butterflies.



According to the draw­ing, work the body back and forth. Place the beginning of the body to the outside, put the wings to the 8th and 11th rounds and join it on the wrong side by hand.


Make a chain of 8 stitches and close in a ring.

1st round Make 24 double crochet (beginning with 3 chain) in the ring.

2nd - 8th round Make 12 lace designs. Double crochet of the 8th round, are made in stitches of the 6th round enveloping the stitches of the 7th round. Break off yarn.

9th round Attach the yarn where indicated. Work according to the drawing.

10th round Make a round with single crochets and picots.

11th round According to the drawing, join the centre work to the assembled motifs. Make each of the nine fold double crochet in the head of butterfly (in the head of the 2 single crochets joined tog.)


1st round Attach the yarn at the tip of the wing, make a round of chain joining to the motifs with single crochet triple triple crochet nine fold de and a series of 12 yarn over.

2nd round. Make the number of single crochet в the loop of the preceding round according to the number indicated on the drawing and 1 single crochet between the numbers, 512 stitches on the round.

3rd -7th round Make a loops on 8 stitches of the preceding round 64 loops total. Work without increasing or decreasing until the end.

NINE FOLD: Double crochet of 9 yarn over.