Free Patterns of the Crochet Table Cloth Engagement


Free Patterns of the Crochet Table Cloth Engagement

Materials for the crochet table cloth Engagement: 450 g of while crochet yurn no. 40; crochet hook no. 22 (English no. 5, International no. 1,00)

Diameter of the crochet table cloth Engagement - 116 cm (approx. 45 1/2 inches).

How to crochet

1st round. In a ring of 8 chains, make 1 chain, 12 single crochet.

2nd round. 24 double crochet.

3rd round. 23 times: *1 single crochet, 3 chains* and 1 arc of 2 chains, 1 half double crochet at the end.

4th round. 24 arcs of 4 chains.


5th round. 24 times. *1 triple triple crochet, 4 chains*.

6th round. 5 single crochets in each arc.

7th round. Arc of 4 chains hooking alternatively 1 single crochet on the 2nd and on 3rd single crochet of the preceding round. Finish with 1 half double crochet.

8th round. In each arc, hook 1 triple triple crochet, 3 chains.

9th round. 1 double crochet on each stitch of the preceding round.

10th round. Repeat 12 times: *5 times (1 triple crochet, 2 chains), 1 triple crochet, 5 chains*.

11th round. *2 times (1 triple crochet, 2 chains), 4 triple crochet, 2 times (2 chains, 1 triple crochet), 6 chains*.

12th round. * 1 triple crochet, 2 chains, 4 triple crochet, 2 chains, 4 triple crochet, 2 chains, 1 triple crochet, 5 chains, 1single crochet hooked under the 2 arcs of the preceding rounds to retighten them, 5 chains*.

13th 30th round. Continue triple crochets, chains and single crochets according in the drawing. The triple crochet marked with a triangle arc hooked in a chain of the preceding round. The 21th and 22th rounds are closed with 1 half double crochet which is joined with the last triple crochet (to replace 2 chains).

31st round. Advance with 2 sleep stitches at the beginning of the round. Make puff stitches of 3 triple crochets.

32nd-39th round. Finish the 12 pineapples accor­ding to the drawing.

40th round. At the top of each pineapple make 1 double triple crochet.

41st -61st round. Work according to the drawing. The motif presented by the drawing is repealed 24 times.

62nd 100th round. The motif repeats 48 times.

101st 119th round. Make 96 motifs.

Source: Magic Crochet.

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