Gallant Table Center - Fillet Crochet Pattern


Supplies: 60 g. of no. 40 beige cord and a little white cord for the border; steel hook no. 22 (no. 1,00).

Dimensions: 43x40 cm.

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,5 cm.

Gallant Table Center  Fillet Crochet Pattern


Start the party with no. 1 chain of 28 ch (9 + fishnet 1 st) and repeat 1 br, 2 ch. Make 11 rows by pattern filling the black squares of 2 br, and inc. chq of according to drawing side.

For each net inc., to the beginning of row. 3 ch, more than 4 ch to turn and 1 br. in the 8th counted up from the hook. At the end of the row. For the first net inc., To 2 ch, a four- br in the base of br. previous to the second net and the following nets, to 2 ch, 1 quadruple - br. stuck in the body of the quad - br. Previous between the 2nd and 3rd discarded. After the 11th row. Put 1 part on hold and start separate parts 2 and 3 with each 16 ch. From the fourth row. Work about 3 parts by both patterns inc. and dimin.


Edges. To dimin at the beginning of a row, return the nets made ??with st cast.

Border: A round st. tightened with the cord white.

Gallant Table Center  Fillet Crochet Pattern