Hairpin Lace Instructions - 5 Ways to Connect Knitted Stripes


Hairpin lace is a wonderful sub-species of needlework described in the previous article. We have already described how to knit stripes on the fork connection. Now we’ll show you how to interconnect knitted strips for creating an excellent network. You will need a hook and a ball of yarn for such knitting.

1. Tight Strip Interweaving

Connect by tightly interweaving 2 strips of network, which is made in the technique of hairpin lace. To do this, we only need a hook for knitting. So pass the hook through the 2 stitches of the left strip, and catch it through 2 stitches of the right strip. Pass the right strip stitches through the left strip stitches. Then catch the following 2 stitches and pass them through the stitches on the hook. Thus, we’ve connected all the stitches of the 2 strips. As a result, we’ve got the tight strip interweaving.


2. Tight Strip Interweaving ‘Stitch-to-Stitch’

In order to connect the strips together by stitch-to-stitch, we need a hook and a ball of knitting yarn. Take and put together 2 strips knitted on the fork. enter the hook into the first stitches of left and right strips. Then, catch the thread that runs from the ball. Knit the stitches by a single crochet. Thus, we are knitting all the stitches to the end.

3. Tight Interweaving in the Technique of Tunisian Crocheting

To connect hairpin lace in this way, we need a Tunisian crochet hook and a ball of yarn. Thread one stitch of the right strip and 1 strip of the left strip on the long hook in turn. After that, take a yarn ply and knit each stitch on the hook in a chain.

4. Lace Strip Connection ‘Shell Fragments’

Firstly, take the first one of the two strips and fasten up the thread with a single crochet in the middle of the strip width. The point of connection is the beginning of the strip in the middle, where the long stitches come together. Knit the chain of tabs, which are to be ½ strip width long. Then, thread 10 long stitches on the hook and knit them together with a single crochet. Again, knit the chain of tabs, which should be the same length as the first one. Then, fasten it up in the middle of the strip, after the connected long stitches. Overturn and knit the other side just the same way, but only connecting the long stitches into the ‘shell fragments’ in a staggered manner to the first strip side.

When the strip is finished, make the second strip the same way. Connect the stitches in a spontaneous netting of tabs. You’ll get unbelievably graceful lace.

5. Lace Connection ‘Spikelet’

Take a strip of network made in the technique of hairpin lace. Knit the first 2 strips together in a single crochet. Then, knit 3-5 tabs and catch the next 2-3 long strip stitches. After that, knit all the stitches on the hook with a single crochet. Knit the same way to the end of the strip, as well as the other side. Repeat the procedure with the second strip. Connect ready strips by the spontaneous pattern of air chains and single crochets.

This simple lace technique will allow you to quickly master and love hairpin lace.

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