Hand Embroidery Patterns Floral Bouquet

32 x 28 cm/12' 1/2 x 11 including frame, embroidery 22 x 18 cm/ 8 3/4 x 7. Embroidery patterns (файл для загрузки) on enclosed re-usable, iron-on transfer.

Materials: 0.40 m (1/2 yd) white pure linen fabric; 1 ball Anchor pearl cotton no. 8 (Coats) each, as listed (col. 2 = maize yellow, dk. 304, col. 4 = carnation pink, dk. 52, col. 6 = carmine red, med. 43).

Tracing with re-usable, iron-on transfer: Cut some surplus lettering from the re-usable, iron-on transfer and iron to a scrap of linen to check that the lines transfer well and that they will wash out. Press the fabric so that it is completely smooth. Cut out the pattern from the iron-on transfer and pin, face down, to the warm fabric. Set the iron (setting cotton/linen) down on the transferfor 1 second, lift, and move to next area. Do not glide the iron over the transfer. On finely woven, light-colored fabrics the pattern will transfer 8 times. After the 5th transfer, apply the heat and pressure slightly longer. Iron with great care, the transfer dye will only wash out of cotton, cotton/ viscose blends, and linen (at 95 or 60).

Instructions: Cut flower basket including sprigs off the iron-on transfer and iron to center of linen fabric as shown in photo. To embroider. Press finished embroidery, face down, on a soft surface. Have embroidery framed, as shown.

Hand embroidery patterns: cushion “Floral Bouquet”

45 x 45 cm/17 ¾ x 17 ¾, embroidery 42 x 39 cm/ 16 ½ x 15 3/8”. Pattern for flower basket, ills. a, b1, b2, and c. Trace sprigs with enclosed re-usable, iron-on transfer.

Materials: 0.50 m / 3/8 yd white pure linen fabric, 180 cm/71 wide (Zweigart art. 3225 Kingston); 2 m/ 2 1/2 yds ready-made piping in wine red, 1 cm/ 3/8 wide; 1 white zipper, 40 cm/ 16 long; white sewing thread; DEKA transfer pen; 1 skein Anchor pearl cotton no. 5 (Coats) each, as listed.

Ironing on: For cushion front, cut linen, fabric on grain to 49 x 49 cm/19 ¼ x 19 ¼ . Finish raw edges. Trace flower basket ontissue paper with transfer pen and iron onto center of linen following manufacturer's instructions. Cut sprigs off the reusable, iron-on transfer and iron on in both upper corners, as shown in photo.

Embroidery: Stem stitch (ill. a), for basket in color/col. 9 and leaf and blossom stems in cols. 7 and 8; padded satin stitch (ill. b1), for basket rim and handle in col. 9 and bow in col. 5; satin stitch (ill. b2), for all leaves in cols. 7 and 8, to match stems; bullion stitch (ill. c), for all blossoms in cols. 1 to 4 and 6. Press the finished embroidery, face down, on a soft surface.

For cushion back with center seam, cut 2 pieces of linen fabric, each 49 x 26.5 cm/19 ¼ X 10 ½ . Stitch center seam with2 cm/ ¾ wide seam, leaving a 40 cm/16 gap in the middle. Finish seam allowances and press open. Insert zipper so that it is concealed. Join cushion front and back with 2 cm/ ¾ “ wide seam, catching piping -with piped edge on inside. Turn cushion right side out. Press seam allowances.


You will need these colors

1 = yellow, variegated 1217

2 = orange, variegated 1220

3 = pink, variegated 1201

4 = heather, variegated 1204

5 = garnet red 47

6 = red, variegated 1206

7 = birch green, medium 255

8 = emerald green, medium 227

9 = golden brown, light 308

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Source: Anna.

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