How I Learnt Tatting in 30 Minutes


Do you know what tatting is? I didn’t until I had a special researching task on tat online. That was the moment I fell in love withtatting! Why?
First of all, the tatted things are awesome! I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this:

Secondly, the art of tatting is not very popular now, and I love various forgotten things.

Thirdly, I didn’t need any special skills and craft tools to try hand attatting! I’m sure you’ll get absorbed in this craft.

Dying to knowhow to tat? But you do not know whatistatting! This is making up laces using a series of special loops, knots that are arranged in chains or rings. You have to learn just a few tatting stitches to be able to impress your friends with an amazing article of clothing, a bracelet, a ring, a mask, a scarf and what not.


There are 2 main ways how to tat : needletatting(you make knots on a needle) and shuttletatting(the traditional way, you make knots with a shuttle). You can see shuttles in the picture.

Needletattingis easier and perfectly suits beginners, like me. Shuttletattingrequires experience, so I think I’ll try it in a few weeks when I’m good at needles.

How to tatwith needles?

How to tat with needles
It took me only 30 minutes to learn how to tat (though it took me much more to view all thosehow to tatdemos, video lessons, lesson corners, tips, tatting tutorials, etc., and here is the outline of what you need to master it, perhaps, even in shorter time:

  • Crocheting thread or quilting thread, size 20, 30, or 80. You can experiment with the thread later it’ll depend on project.
  • Tatting needle you may buy them at any craft shop. A kit of needles would be great.
  • Scissors
  • Patience!

If you decide to take up shuttletatting, then you’d better start with a specialtattingkit for beginners with plastic shuttles, usually with 1 bobbin where thread is put.

Now you remember a few terms frequently used intattingcraft tutorials:
CH (chain) a series of double stitches used to join rings and as a separate design element.
R (ring) a circle of double stitches. It’s a basic element in tat-lacing.
P (picot) loops to join the elements of the lacework together or for decorating.
DS (double stitch, double knot) it is formed in 2 halves (for the instructions on DS see below). Besides, it is the only stitch in tatting, isn’t that wonderful?

How to TatInstructions:

Double Stitch

Double StitchStart with cutting a thread - you need only one long thread to make up 1 simple item or a piece of a larger one.
In the illustration you seehow to tatthe first loop.

Double StitchNow wrap the thread clockwise over your index finger holding the thread with the remaining 3 fingers (see below)

In the picture you see the 1st part of the stitch done. You simply lift the thread onto the needle from left to right, pull it snug and hold this part by the index finger of your right hand.

Now goes the other part:
Double Stitch
Wrap the thread around your left index finger anti clockwise! And then bend the finger as it is shown. You have a loop on the back of the finger. So you slip the needle from the back to the front of the finger, slip the thread onto the needle and snug it. You've made a double stitch. In fact, you've coped with ALL basictatting stitches!

Double Stitch

You must have something like that:only instead of the horizontal thread you have a needle.


to make a space between the tatting stitches, you use picots:

Just hold the thread a 1/4" from the previous DS and do the next one. You can go on like this for so long as the project requires. Then you have to

close the ring:

Close the ring
You pull the needle through the stitches. As the last of thetatting stitchesslips off the needle onto the thread you'll see a loop. Pull the needle through this loop and snug it gently. You've got a ring.

Now when you knowhow to tat, go ahead and find a good project for yourself!