How to Know What Craft Tools You Need


I’m no expert, but it seems like crafts are a popular way to cope with nervous breakdowns, discover new talents and have fun with your children. Whatever the reason of crafting may be, you definitely need some tools to bring your hobbies to life, or can you manage with your gold hands only?

Cutting Craft Tools

Embroidery scissors

They have plenty ofscissors ofall sizes and shapes:
Embroidery scissors for sewing and needlecraft. They are wonderful for cutting fine elements.
Rotary cutterPicking and scalloping shears they have ascalloped edge and prevent fabrics from fraying when you cut. They are also good tocut paper with, but keep different pairs for fabric and paper.


Circle cutter

Rotary cutter ithas several blades that allow for cutting different edges, including aperforate one. Use aruler tocut astraight ordecorative line onfabrics orpaper.

Circle cutter aspecial tool designed tocut precise circles. Usually you can cut circles ofdifferent sizes using one and the same cutter.

Measuring Craft Tools

Clear quilting rulerClear quilting ruler perfect for quilting, ofcourse, but ifyou like paper crafting, itisconvenient tocut paper, asyou check the measurements twice. Use agood coated ruler sothat itdoes not slip onthe paper when you work.

Bone folder Bone folder usually used inbookbinding tofold the pages and tosmooth edges. But you can use ittothis effect inany other craft.


There are special craft glues that are good for almost any craft material, beitfabrics, leather, paper oranything else. See toitthat the glue has not expired and leaves nostains onthe surface.
• Spray adhesives are ideal for thin materials including tender fabrics. They dry within aminute.
• Tacky glue isthick. It’s usually used tohold buttons, heavy beads, wood etc.
• Decoupage glue isused purely for this handcraft, and among craft tools you can find substances that act both like glue and sealant.
• Glue gun joins various materials and comes inlow-, high-, and dual-temperature options. The tip ofthe glue-gun gets hot during work, sokeep cold water nearby, tobeonthe safe side. It’s perfect with fabrics (not all), wood, and soon.

• PMA (Positionable Mountain Adhesive) used toglue photos orany other paper items. The dry adhesive comes from the PMA and spreads evenly onthe back surface ofthe item sothat you can stick ittoany other surface bymeans ofburnishing.

Paints and Brushes

are irreplaceable craft tools inbatik, ikebana, etc.
Sprays come inhandy when you have topaint athing with intricate shapes and hard-to-reach places.
• Floral sprays are made especially for tender flowers, either live ordried.
• Markers plenty ofthem inthe shops, ofall colors. Pay attention tothe size ofthe tip toselect the one tomeet your needs. There are also washable markers.
• Gel pens are anideal way out when itcomes towriting ondark paper. There are sets ofupto40gel pens.

Crafting Paper

Crafting PaperTissue paper towrap presents, make paper flowers, etc. Itisquite stiff for these goals.

• Origami paper isavailable innumerous patterns and colors. Itisthin, square and easy tofold. Crafters use ittowrap presents and make flowers, toys and tons ofother things.

Metal And Wire Craft Tools Supplies
Pliers ofdifferent shapes are used inbeading, jewelry making, and the like. Look for good rubber-covered pincers and pliers. Most popular are:

• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers
• Chain-nose pliers
• Machine crafting


Sewing machine

has become the man’s helper even inhandcrafts:
Card making machine isalovely tool for those crazy about cards. Itcuts cards and can add special effects, like texturing.

Sewing machine modern variants have thousands ofoperations, and you can make any garment withit.


You will also find aknitting and anembroidery machine onsale.

Ihope, now you won’t get puzzled when you come toalocal shop tobuy craft tools.