How to Make Fabric Flowers Delicate Camellias


Now you will learn how to make fabric flowers, specifically, the beautiful and delicate camellias. These flowers look very impressive. The boutonniere can be used as decoration for clothing, hair, etc. Next, we will discuss the structure of camellias in detail, and find out how to make fabric flowers.

How to Make Fabric Flowers: What Do We Need?

As for the fabrics, we’ll need white crepe de chine for the flower petals; lime tight silk for sepals; and muted green panne for boutonnieres. The entire fabric is previously stiffened (you can read more about it in the article “Fabric Flowers: Skillful Needlework”). We also need cotton balls of 9mm in diameter, for the bud centers, plus 11 pairs of flower stamens, each being 1 cm long. Also, we need a wire for the stalks, which are wrapped with green crepe paper (the paper color should be harmonious with the color of the leaves).


How to Make Fabric Flowers: Camellia Boutonniere Pattern

Print out or draw the following parts of the pattern.

A basic flower is cut out from the white crepe de chine fabric. This will be a petal circle 1 (diameter 40 mm) - 1 piece; a petal circle (diameter 50mm) - 1 piece; a petal circle 3 (diameter 60mm) - 1 piece; and a petal circle 4 (70 mm diameter) - 2 pieces. For each bud, we need 2 petal circles with a 40 mm diameter. Generally, we need to cut out 5 pieces of petal circles 1. Sepals for a large flower and 2 buds are cut out of tight green silk (3 pieces). 3 leaves are cut out of the green panne.

Petal circle 1


Petal circle 2


Petal circle 3


Petal circle 4






Petal Toning

All petal circles are soaked in an alcohol solution. Petal circles 2, 3, and 4 are tinted in a light green-yellow dye solution for the fabric. They will absorb the light green-yellow tone color. Petal circles 1 are tinted in a solution of more intense greenish-yellow color, in order to become a darker green-yellow color. After drying, the petal circle centers are tinted with a brush and dye solution, where the petal circles of 1 were orginally kept.

How to Make Fabric Flowers: Goffering of Boutonniere Parts

Petal circle for a large flower:

Make a 10 mm hole in each petal with a boule from the front side. Make grooves from the front side of the petal to the flower edge with a small hook. We do not make grooves for petal circles 1, but we make grooves from the wrong side of the petal with a putty knife.

Petal circles 2, 3 and 4:

Process the outer edge of the petal to the groove middle on the back side, using a putty knife. Then, make small grooves from the back side to the left, turning the edge of the petals down. On the right side of the petals, we make grooves from the face side and turn the petals up. Petal circles of 2, 3, and 4 are pressed in the middle by a boule, 10mm from the front side. To make each petal appear realistic, you can make different type of grooves.


How to Make Fabric Flowers

Press a sepal circle from the front side with a boule (8mm).


Pierce a hole with an ordinary knife in the middle, along the leaf. On the back side, cut out some leaves outside,using a knife.

How to Make Fabric Flowers: Collecting a Boutonniere

All petal leaves and sepals should be pierced with a sewing awl.

Gathering a large flower.

Fix and glue the pairs of stamens on the wire. Then, bead petal circles 1, 2, 3 and 2 petals circles 4. All petal circles are to be glued in the central area. Bead and glue a sepal onto the assembled structure of the flower. Wrap the wire with decorative green paper.

Assembling the bud.

How to Make Fabric Flowers

A cotton ball is fixed and glued on the wire. String and glue petal circle 1 for a bud in the center, as well as a sepal. Decorate the wire with paper.

Glue the wrapped wire from the back side, along the deepening of the leaf vein.

Collect a bunch together and seal all the parts together. Our camellia boutonnière is now ready.

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