How to Sew a Collar


How do you sew a collar? The collar is a useful decorative piece of clothing. There is a wide variety of collars. In this article, we will discuss how to make certain types of collars.

How to Sew a Polo Collar

We need a fabric frame of about 2” in width (the length is not limited). We start by placing the frame onto the front of the body. Adhere the frame bottom using a sealing tape. We need closure plackets in the size 2”+0.5” wide. We place them onto the frame line and iron.


Now, level the edges of the frame and plackets. Adjust the 0.5” seam until the horizontal line and fix the frame on the plackets.

On the back side, make cuts in the frame corners. Fold back the right placket onto the left, make vertical seams, and connect with the pins.

Next, turn back the closure outsize, and stitch the frame bottom horizontally in the corner, using double reverse stitching.

All open cuts should be whipstitched. Iron the polo collar and make meshes.

How to Sew an English Collar

How to Sew a Collar

Make a fixed stitch at the edge of the gorge, keeping it far from the lapels.

We need a pad to fix the forepart and lower the collar at the bottom. Stitch the fixed parts of the lower collar in the middle of the back.

Pin the lower collar and item edge them together, whipstitch, and sew. Make cuts in certain places. Then cut 1in away from the seam.

Now, we need to sew the face of gorge back with the collar stands at the shoulder seams. If the item has no pad, then you would have to process the long edge of the stand.

Take a piece of the collar that is not yet fixed with a pad, and pin it to the edge of the gorge stands. Whipstitch and sew the pieces. Combine the fixed with a pad part of the collar with the part which is made without a pad fixing and stand, along with the upper part of the item.

How to Sew an Open Collar

How to Sew an Open Collar

A turned-down collar can be made from the main or finish item fabric. For this, cut out 2 pieces - the top and the bottom. The collar parts are cut out so that the grain of fabric is not parallel to the mid-collar line. The upper part of the collar is cut 1in more. The collar pad should match the size and shape of the bottom part of the collar.

If the lower part of the collar is made up of pieces, you must first sew all the details together and iron the seams.

Fix the pad to the top of the collar back using whipstitching, making sure to center the corners and roundings. Take the bottom of the collar and whipstitch it with the top part and lower collar padding.

Now, stitch the collar around from the bottom side. The stitch width is to be 0.3”, but the edges of the pad are to be undercut by 1in.

Make a stitch around the seam from the front side, on the lower collar at a distance of 2mm from the 1in line of the lower collar.

Reverse the collar to the face side and smoothen out all seams. Whipstitch starting from the edge at a distance of 0.2” in.

Iron the collar well.

How to Sew a Collar

You can also decorate an open collar with lace or florence. To do this, sew a lace, a ribbon, or a finished frill inside, before you connect the top and the bottom of the collar. The lace is placed by its back side onto the front side of the lower collar. It is also important to put the lace or frills onto the corners of the collar so that it will not bristle.

Now you know how to sew a collar. Read about how to make decorative folds and process the gorge. Good luck to you in this amazing kind of needlework.

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