How to tat 3 tatting instructions for simple lace


How to tat ? We have already got acquainted with the main methods of tatting lace . Also in the previous chapter we learned about methods of joining the simple lace elements. By following these instructions, you can create an absolutely adorable lace. There are 3 instructions of simple tatting lace listed below.

It should be emphasized, once again, that for the work you’ll need to learn how to make a double knot, frivolite, picot and a ring. Before you start to work prepare all of the tools and threads for tatting lace. You are going to need a shuttle and a crochet or a shuttle with a crochet at the end.


How to Tat: Instruction for the lace Motif Ear

It’s a simple motif that can be a finished lace for a collar. It can also be used as an element of lace composition.

The motif consists of 2 kinds of rings. Big rings go on one side of the ear and the small ones at the other. Various sizes of the rings bend the ear in a beautiful way.

Tat a large ring like this: 2P7P2P7. Tat a small ring in the following way: 2P5P2P5. The sequence of the rings is numbered in the scheme. It is also stated in the scheme where exactly the rings are joined to each other. Join of the rings according to the scheme by coupling and thread. After finishing each ring, the work must be turned to the other side, i.e. after finishing ring 1, turn the work and tat ring 2, turn the work, etc.

Instruction for the lace Motif Leaf

How to Tat: Instruction for the lace Motif Leaf

Let’s continue a vegetable theme and study how to tat lace a motif “leaf”. The tatting of the leaf motif is based on the previous ear motif, i.e. our leaf will consist of 2 bent ears as a mirror reflection. The middle of the leaf can be filled with the net of threads or left with empty space. It’s better to take the thin thread for tatting since the thick thread may distort the pattern. After finishing each ring the work should be turned. The tatting of the lace rings is done according to the following schemes:

Tat the rings 1 and 36 according to the scheme: 3P8P3P8P3.

Tat the rings from 3 to 10 and 12, 14 and 16 according to the scheme: 3P9P3P9.

Tat the rings 11, 13, 15 like this: 2P7P2P7.

The ring 17 7P2P7P2.

Instruction for the lace Motif Leaf

Tat the ring 18: 3P11P3P4P7, and the ring 19 as a mirror reflection of the ring 18: 7P4P3P11P3.

The ring 20 is a reflection of the ring 17: 2P7P2P7.

Tat the rings 21, 23, 25, and from 27 tо 35 like this: 9P3P9P3.

The sequence of work. Tat the ring 1, turn the work. Tat the ring 2 close to the ring 1, joining it to the ring 1 according to the scheme. Then, continue tatting the next rings according to the order until the end of the work.

How to Tat: Instruction of the lace Motif Flower

Instruction of the lace Motif Flower

The flower is tatted in a circle and consists of just 2 rows. It can be applied as a complete doily or as a part of lace pattern.

Row 1. Tat the ring of the center, and make a picot after every 2 knots. Repeat this sequence 12 times. The total number of picots should be 12.

Row 2. Tat the ring 1 according to the scheme: 6P6. First tat 6 knots, then after a picot make coupling with the 1st row. Continue the ring 6 knots. Put aside thread 0.2 in. Next, follow the scheme and repeat the sequence 12 times. The rings of the upper row join between each other with side picots.

The scheme of tatting small rings corresponds to the ring 1.

For all of the large rings, the sequence of the knots is the same and corresponds to the ring 2.

We hope you have mastered the skill necessary to tat. The 3 instructions above will help you create your beautiful tatting lace.