Irish lace basic crochet techniques


Irish Lace crochet is a great technique that has enormous potential for a creative Crafts Designer. Irish Lace technique differs from other crochet techniques. First, finished motifs or floral patterns are separated. Then, they are arranged in the random order and placed on the sewing pattern. All motifs are connected by loops or nets, using basic crochet techniques. After assembling and edging we get the beautiful item made in Irish lace technique.

Steps of the Irish lace crochet technique:


Choose the idea and crocheting scheme

First, we need to decide what we want to knit. The Irish lace technique gives the possibility to create any product: tops, blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, scarves, shawls, coats, furnishings, etc. When we agree on the idea, we need to choose the design and the scheme we will follow when crochet.

Purchase yarn and hook of the needed size

The crochet scheme specifies how much yarn will be needed approximately. However, Irish lace is a free crochet technique. Therefore, yarn thread flow may be somewhat higher or lower than expected; we recommend you purchase 1-2 additional yarn skeins. It is better to buy a hook of the size specified, as if you choose a larger size, crochet will not be full and textured.

Crochet motifs

Crochet motifsKnit your motifs according to the scheme. It is very laborious and interesting process. For a large item, a dress for example, you might need over 100 medium-sized motifs.

Transfer the pattern onto the fabric

In the crochet scheme and description you will find the schematic sewing pattern with the sizes of your future item specified. First, you need to make the full size sewing pattern on the paper. Before you cut out the pattern, make sure it is fitted for your size. Check your bust size, waist and hips, as well as the length of the sleeves. If necessary, adjust the paper pattern and transfer it to fabric. Cut the fabric sewing pattern.

Place crochet motifs on the fabric pattern

the fabric patternAll previously crochet motifs should be placed on the fabric pattern. Now the creative part begins. You can combine motifs location as you like. By changing motifs position and order, you can make your work unique. Despite the fact that you follow the pre-made scheme, the overall pattern may turn out to be different.

Fix the motifs on the fabric pattern

The next step is to fix our motifs on the fabric pattern. This can be done with pins or a simple seam. This must be done to ensure that our product will have a given shape and size, and our motif pattern will not change in the process.

Connect all motifs

Now we come to the design of our work. At this stage the entire pattern fabric is created out of separate pieces. Motifs connection is done by different crochet techniques. However, the most popular filling is a net of connecting loops, columns with and without treble hooks. Connecting motifs is very tedious work that requires creative imagination and good crocheting skills. However, the complexity is the beauty of the Irish lace technique.Edging your product

To assemble the model

When the main part of our model is crochet, we need to assemble all the parts into one item. This can be done in two ways: by making the connection seams with a needle and thread or sewing machine, or by connecting with semi columns made with yarn and hook. Strive to make neat seams, as their quality affects the overall item appearance.

Edging your product

Once all of the parts of your work are attached together, you need to edge the product. It can even be left as it is, without any additional crochet trim, but it can lead to stretching of edges. Therefore, it is better to choose the trip pattern that is not complicated and knit several rows to seal the edges.
Your excellent work in the Irish lace technique is finished, it needs to be washed, dried (only horizontally!), and ironed. Now you can wear it with pride and pleasure.