Lace appliques simple and elegant


Lace appliques are a very elegant and beautiful kind of needlework. Lace is an interesting element of decor. There's a great variety of lace kinds. Lace appliques may be made from both hand-made lace and manufactured lace. Hand-made lace may be performed in the frivolite technique as openworked satin stitches or they can be crocheted/knitted. Lace appliques contain vast opportunities for creative work. The style of lace applique is usually vegetable or floral. Light, airy and delicate lace may be combined with contrast of one color basic fabrics.


Lace appliques look well with decorative elements such as beads, glass beads, strasses, or feathers, depending on the needlewoman's composition and idea.

Lace appliques instruments and materialsLace appliques

To make a lace applique, we are going to need the following instruments: scissors, a needle or a sewing machine.

As for material, we need to pick up the lace with interesting motifs like adhesive paper or special fabric glue, threads for bound ornamental seams, beads, glass beads, feathers, strasses, and additional ornamental elements are needed for the applique.

How to make a lace applique?

Step 1. Come up with an idea for the applique.

Step 2. Pick up or make the motifs for the lace applique.

lace applique

We'll need to pick up a few or more motifs from the lace linen or lace tape. You can also make the lace yourself. You may crochet a few motifs of Irish lace or tat motifs in the frivolite technique. You may also make an anglaise lace or openworked satin stitches.

Step 3. Take adhesive paper, remove its protective layer and stick the lace motifs to it.

Step 4. Cut out the excessive paper along the lace contour and remove the protective layer of the paper from the back side.

Step 5. Group and stick the lace motifs to the base (a blouse, skirt or dress).

Step 6. Lace appliques are ironed through parchment paper.

Step 7. The applique's contours are embroidered with ornamental stitches. This can be made by hand with a needle and threads. You may also use a sewing machine.

Step 8. Sew beads or other ornamental elements.

Now our lace appliques are ready. They will decorate your clothes wonderfully, emphasizing elegance and femininity of your silhouette.