Lovely Pillows - Clematis


SUPPLIES: Artist Anchor thread, quality Mercer hook, 1 skein n 50 ecru cushion for A, 1 skein n 50 white cushion C, 1 skein n 20 white cushion B steel hooks No. 0.75 and n 1.25; different linen fabrics for cushion covers (without seam allowance): 55 cm 50 cm white linen and linen with gold pattern for the cushion A; plain linen 30 cm and 50 cm linen cushion tiles B cotton ribbon tie, plaid linen 50cm and 50 cm for white linen cushion C 4 buttons 2.3 cm for A cushion, 3 buttons 1.7 cm for the cushion C kapok for stuffing cushions, 4 buttons for A and 3-button pad for cushion Cs



A cushion (hook No. 0.75), 1-116th rank: start on a chain of base 145 ch and follow the corresponding diagram. Cut the thread at the end of the 116th row.

Cushion B (1,25,1 crochet pattern No. = 48 m) 1st to 9th place:

start on a base string (no 48) + 1 ch, 3 ch to replace the 1st dc. and follow the corresponding diagram. Cut the thread at the end of the 9th row.

Lovely Pillows - Clematis

Cushion C (hook No. 0.75): pattern: Round 1: Begin in a st formed with the end of the wire, 4 ch to replace the two 1RS br. 2 ch, rep. 11 ts * 1 double br, 2 ch *, close , 1 sl. 2nd-7th round: Continue work as shown in the diagram, during the second crochet groups passed all 3 doubles (see symbol), and during the 3rd t. crochet double straps with picot (see symbol). Cut the thread at the end of the seventh t. Create 4 units and assemble them at progressively to last t. by double br. as shown in the diagram. Edge (in bold in the diagram) 1-3rd round; follow the diagram and symbols that accompany it. Cut the thread at the end 3th.


A cushion (see diagram): make a cushion cover 55 x 45 cm as follows: for the back, use plain fabric for the band to make a 27 cm gold pattern, between the two hook and 1 strip of 4 cm (see drawing), sew the cover on 3 sides and split flanges 4 ¬ tonnières button. Sew buttons on the cover, Stuffing cushion.

Cushion B (see diagram): make a cushion cover 44 x 44 cm as follows: for the back and use the plain fabric for the front, make a united band of 9 cm, 1 checkerboard band of 4.5 cm, -between the hook and one checkerboard band of 22.5 cm (see drawing) Place ribbons united colors as shown in the drawing. Upholster the cushion and tie the ribbons (see photo)

Cushion C (see diagram); tare cushion cover as follows: back (plain fabric), providing 42 cm wide and 42 cm high one flap of 7 cm. For the front, make a bunch of 16 x 42 cm plaid fabric, between the two to hook one band 6 cm tiles (see drawing). The 6 cm band on the front, make 3 buttonholes 2.5 cm (see drawing), sew the buttons on the cover. Stuffing the cushion.cushion.

Lovely Pillows - Clematis

Lovely Pillows - Clematis

Lovely Pillows - Clematis

Lovely Pillows - ClematisLovely Pillows - ClematisLovely Pillows - Clematis

Lovely Pillows - Clematisempty mesh

Lovely Pillows - Clematisfull mesh

Lovely Pillows - Clematissting in fa m. specified by this symbol

Lovely Pillows - Clematis3 double bridles passed together:

3 doubles to br. incomplete

(leave the last loop on hook).

Flow past 4 loops 1 fs

Lovely Pillows - Clematisdouble bridle with pin: make 1 double br, 5 ch and 1 sl stuck in the head of the double br.

Lovely Pillows - Clematis4 double bridles passed together: make 4 double br. Incomplete (left sulking on the last hook). Elapse the last 5 loops 1 fs