Macrame jewelry for beginners


Macramé jewelry is a wonderful way to express one’s individuality. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches may be woven in macramé technique. In addition to threads of various textures and colors, decorative beads, glass beads, and feathers may be used in the weaving process. You will get acquainted with the main methods of weaving to create wonderful accessories in the macramé technique. Below we are going to acquaint you with instructions and patterns required for Macramé jewelry.


Wonderful needlework.

Macramé jewelry: Pendent “Sun”

We are going to need: a ring, 0.5 inch in diameter, beads, about 0.2 in diameter 68 pieces. Threads 5 pieces, 10.5 yards long and 5 pieces, 4 yards long.

The sequence of work

1. Weave the chain of the pendent. For this, we need to divide 5 threads in half, 10.5 yards long, and fix them in the middle with a pin, attaching it to the base (a cushion). Next, 2 parts of the pendent’s chain are woven in the macramé technique separately.

The 1st part of the chain: Divide the threads 1-3-1 and weave 3 square knots. *Divide the threads 2-1-2. Out of the side with 2 pairs, weave 8 simple knots for each side. String 1 big bead and 3 beads of average size on the central thread. Weave 6 square knots.* Repeat until the half of the chain’s length reaches 1 yard. Turnover the piece and weave the other part of the chain the same way.

2. Weave around the joining ring of Macramé jewelry. Put the chain together, and now you should have 10 threads in your hands. Take the ring, 0.5 inch in diameter. Weave around it from 2 sides with simple knots. For this, divide 10 threads so that you have 5 and 5 and make 12 simple knots on the ring from each side. Take 5 threads, 4 yards long, put them together. Fix 5 folded threads to the bottom part of the ring.

3. Weave the pendent. Our pendent is woven from 2 parts. For this, make each part separately. Now we should have 20 threads in our hands. We divide them into 2 groups, 10 threads in each one. We count the threads from left to right.

Macrame jewelry for beginners

The left part of the pendent

Row 1. On thread 1, weave a horizontal row of the knots along the bottom edge of the ring. Row 2. Make 4 simple knots on the 1st two threads. Row 3. On the 10th thread, make 2 rows of horizontal knots from right to left and then from left to right. Row 4. On the 1st and 2nd threads, make 8 simple knots, and string a bead on the 3rd thread. On the 4th and 5th thread, make 3 simple knots. Next, repeat Row 3 and 4 twice. Finish the left part of the pendent with a vertical row of simple knots on the 10th thread.

The right part of the pendent is performed as a mirror reflection of the left one. When both parts of the pendent are finished, cut the ends of the threads and stick the seam together. You may stick in a pebble or a bead, but make sure it is appropriate for the aperture’s diameter in the middle of the pendent. This type of pendent in the macramé technique is easy to make. It looks flashy and stylish.

Macramé jewelry: Nut-brown bracelet

Macramé jewelry: Nut-brown braceletWe are going to need: 1 cord, 0.2 inch thick of dark green color. The cord’s length is 7 yards. 1 cord of brown color, 7 yards long. 3 beads, 0.6 inch in diameter.

Place the cords so that 1 part is 5 yards and another is 2 yards. Place the short threads in the center and the long ones at the sides. Pass a thin thread through the center as well. You will string the beads on it. Sew a thin thread to the threads of the cords in the middle. With the side threads, make 4 square knots, and string a bead on the thin thread. Encircle the bead with the thread from 2 sides. Make 2 square knots, string a bead, and encircle it from 2 sides. Repeat the same process one more time. Finish the bracelet with 4 square knots. Fix and cut off the extra threads of the cord. Sew the ends of the bracelet together with a thin thread so that the seam isn’t visible from the face side.

We hope that the patterns presented will help you master Macramé jewelry.