Octagonal Doily - Filet Crochet Pattern


Supplies: 20 g of beige cord no. 40; steel hook no. 23 (no.1,00).

Dimensions: Octagon 10 cm side.

Sample: 1row of br. = 0.5 cm.

Описание: C:\Users\Designer\Desktop\Untitled-1.jpg


Start with one side of the octagon with 58 ch. To 6 ch to turn, 1 dc. ch in the 7th, then repeat 19 fs. 2 ch. 1 br. Finish row by 2 ch, double - br in the base of br previous row. Continue with destiny inc. the two sides to the 15th row and filling the boxes with 2 black br. Work right and then from the 34th row. 2 sides dimin by the beginning of row, 4 ch, 1 br in the 2nd br. of row before and at the end of the row. 1 br on the penultimate br, 1 double br in the last br of previous row.


Edging: 1st round: st. tight. 2nd round: Repeat 7 fs. on side: 1 hdc., 10 ch. 3rd round: In chq. arc. 5 st. tight, 1 picot, 5 ch and a st. casting, 5 st. tight.

Описание: C:\Users\Designer\Desktop\Untitled-1.jpg