Oval Doily - Refinement - crochet scheme


Supplies: 50 g of white cord No. 40. Steel hook No. 22.

Dimensions: 55 x 40 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.8 cm.

Oval Doily  Refinement  crochet scheme



Pattern A: Close round 1 ch. of 7 ch. 1st round: 12 sc. in the round. All rounds close with 1 sl st. 2nd round: Dem. 12 fs, 1 br, 2 ch (always replace the 1st dc 's round by 3 ch). 3rd round: forward and sl st with 1 rep. *12 fs, 1 br, 4 ch. 4th round: 1 ch, 1sc, 5 ch, blown 1 pt, 3 br, 5 ch *. 5th round: Attention to early sl st 5th round. Make arc. 5 ch, 1 sc and close the round with 2 ch, 1 br. 6th round: Arc. 5 ch. Cut the thread.


Pattern B: Attach the ground wire to A, to 2 pts blown separated by 3 ch, then the base and pineapple and 2 pts blown. 2nd row: Start with pineapple 5 ch at the beginning and 1 hdc at the end of the row. 3rd - 15th row: Run the pineapple as drawing with arc of 3 ch. The beginning of every peer is made with rows 5 ch and finish with 1 triple br. Make a 2nd pattern B on the other side of the pattern A.


Work renders and do 3 rows around the center fishnet. 4th 17th round: Perform 3 sets of pineapple per drawing. 18th 25th round: Complete Series 3 pineapple rows return by attaching the wire where indicated.

Oval Doily  Refinement  crochet scheme