Oval Table Center - WONDER - Crochet Patterns


SUPPLIES: 50 g of white cord no. 40, steel hook no. 20 (no. 1.00).

DIMENSIONS: 37cm x 60 cm.

SAMPLE: 1 row of br: 0,7 cm.

Oval Table Center  WONDER  Crochet Patterns


BASE: Start with a chain of 9 ch is closed ring with 1 sl st. casting, then to 124 ch to the center and again 9 ch that is closed in a circle. 1st round: Rep. * 3 ch, 1 sl st. clamped chq. in 4th ch of chain base *. 2nd round: Bypass strip obtained as follows: In the round make 9 fs, 1 triple dc, 3 ch (replace the first triple-br by 5 ch) and 31 triple-br. each separated by 4 ch, then 9 triple-br separated by 3 ch and 31 triple-br separated by 4 ch. Finish round with 1 ch and 1 hdc. stuck in 5th ch of the previous round. 3rd round: Repeat: * 1 st. tight in chq. arc, 4 ch. * 4th round: On chq. make a round of 9 fs. * 1 pt. blown 2 br, 3 ch, 1 pt. blown, 1 ch, 1 picot dice 4 ch and a sl st. casting, 1 ch * On the right sides, making arc, 2 ch, as before 1 picot, 2 ch, then 2 pts. blown separated by 3 ch, 1 arc, 2 br separated by 3 ch by patterns. From 5th to 12th round: On the rounded continue pts. blown respecting the growing number of ch between them, and on the right sides, make br of above points and blown pts. blown over the br, the arc is always made of 2 ch, 1 picot, 2 ch. 13th round: 3 pineapples around chq. rounded, each with 6 br. separated by 1 ch. 14th round: Make 4 arc. 4ch above enq. pineapple. 15th round: On rounded to 9 fs 3 pts. separated from their blown by 3 ch in chq. arc between 2 pts. soufflés. From16th to 19th round: Finish first series ia pineapple and from 18th round start the basis of the second series. On the 20th round make 9 pineapple with 8 double-br. according to drawing, the straight sides, rep.: * 1 st. tight, 3 ch, 1 st. tight, 8 ch.* by the pattern. 21st-24th round: Continue pineapples and right sides according to the patterns. Between 25th-28th round pineapples, making fans with triple-br, double-br, arc with pin to 4 ch and br. by the pattern. 29th round: Making pts. of 3 double-blown br separated from one another by arc above the straight sides, as shown in the patterns.


Oval Table Center  WONDER  Crochet Patterns