Patterns for applique flowers


Applique flowers are a wonderful adornment for clothes, a bag, or a pillow. Floral prints will never be out of fashion. Applique flowers are flashy and easy to make. Decorative trimming of the applique contour may be done by hand or using a sewing machine. You should get acquainted with decorative embroidery stitches.

What are you going to need to make applique flowers?

The composition of applique flowers consists of 5 flowers of different color. Applique flowers should be placed on a background of a contrast color to make them stand out. An approximate size of the applique flowers is 8Х8in.


We are going to need:


A sewing machine or a sewing needle

Adhesive paper

Pieces of cotton fabric:

Yellow color: 4Х3 in

Blue color: 4Х4 in

White color: 3Х3in

Red color: 3Х3 in

Dark pink color: 4Х4 in

Light pink color: 2Х2 in

Creating the applique flowers

Green color: 5Х4in

Threads for embroidery or sewing for a sewing machine. We are going to need yellow, red, blue, grey, green and pink colored threads to trim the edges with decorative stitches.

Small red beads, approximately 30 pieces.

Creating the applique flowers: Step-by-step instruction

1. Download the patterns of the applique flowers.

2. Print them out so that the size of the complete composition is 8Х8in.

3. Cut the details of the applique flowers out of the paper.

4. Stick adhesive paper to the pieces of fabric from the back side.

5. Transfer the contours of the applique flowers’ details to the pieces of fabric.

Patterns for applique flowers6. Put the details together. Mark the middles of the flowers with crosses on the background according to the pattern.

Flower 1. Cut out 16 petals of the white fabric with adhesive paper. Cut out the center of the flower of the yellow fabric. On the background, around the marked cross of flower 1, draw the center of the flower, as a reference point for where to stick the petals. Remove the protective layer from the back side of the adhesive paper and stick the petals according to the applique pattern. Then, take the yellow center of the flower and stick it to the center of the flower according to the pattern. Arbitrarily sew 12 beads-stamens to the center. Make flower 3 in the same way. Use a fabric of dark-pink color for petals and light pink color for the center.

Flower 2. Cut out flower 2 from the fabric of yellow color. Remove the protective layer from the back side of the adhesive paper and stick the flower according to the applique pattern. Cut out the center of the flower of the blue piece of fabric and stick it. Make flowers 4 and 5 in the same way. Take blue fabric for flower 4, with the center made out of red fabric. Take red fabric for flower 5, the center is made of pink fabric. applique flowers

The leaves of the flowers are cut out of the green fabric. Stick them on according to the pattern.

7. Iron the applique.

8. Trim all the details of the applique flowers with decorative stitches. The color of the threads may be chosen according to your taste or the pattern.

Now we have completed our applique flowers. It is a wonderful adornment for any piece of clothing or bed linen.