Patterns of the Lace Vest in the Macrame Technique


To fit size 38/40 (bust 88/92 cm/34 1/2/ 36 1/4). Patterns of the Lace Vest. We assume basic knowledge of the macrame technique.

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Materials: 200 g ecru DMC crochet cotton Cebelia no.10 (50 g/258 m/282 yds); IMRA Rekord steel crochet hook size 1.00 mm (US 10, UK 4); for the back, 1 piece of muslin, 55 x 70 cm/21 3/4 x 27 3/4, and for fronts 2 pieces of muslin, each 40 x 70 cm/15 3/4, x 27 3/4, in addition 2 pieces each of plastic film and of fusible interfacing Vilene (Pellon) H 250 (Freudenberg), in size of muslin pieces; 1 DEKA transfer pen.


Preparing patterns: Reinforce muslin pieces with 2 layers of Vilene. Trace pattern A (= front) from worksheet onto tissue paper with transfer pen and transfer to center of muslin by ironing. For 2nd front piece, retrace pattern lines on back of tissue paper and iron on. Trace pattern B (= back, half) onto tissue paper with transfer pen, tracing dashed line (=center) with pencil. Turn tissue paper over and complete pattern from dashed line in pencil. Turn tissue paper over and retrace pencil lines with transfer pen. Transfer the complete pattern by ironing. Slip each muslin piece between 2 layers of plastic film. Smooth all 3 layers and stitch together crosswise and lengthwise, making sure no wrinkles are formed.

Macrame cord a: Following ill. 1a begin with 2 ch. Work 1 dc into 1st ch. Pick up the front stitch loops of 2nd and 1st ch (see arrows in ill. 1 a) and tilt beginning upwards. * Only now draw up the Ip for the 2nd dc and crochet off as usual, see ill. 1 b. Pick up the 2 stitch loops indicated by arrows in ill, 1 b, tilt work back, and repeat from * continuously, see ill, 1 c. Work a length of cord a to measure 31,75 m/34 3/4 yds. Wide macrame cord b: Crochet as for cord a. but add 2 ch after each dc. Work a length of cord b to measure 5.40 m/6 yds. Tacking down cord: Using contrasting sewing thread, tack cords into position directly over pat-tern outlines (figures state the approx. measurements per section in m). Where cords meet, sew them together with small overhand stitches, using crochet cotton.

Bars: Connect cords with overcast bars, see ill. 2a. Using crochet cotton, stretch 2 or 3 threads back and forth, then work overcast stitch closely back over the stretched threads. For branched bars, make 1 small auxiliary loop at each junction using contrasting sewing thread, see ill 2a. Stretch threads through this loop, overcast the stretched threads up to junction, stretch and overcast next branch, etc. Partly needle-weave around intersections, see pattern and ill. 2a, making spiders.

Fillings: In all leaves stretch the thread in a zigzag line from base to tip. Then, from tip to base, work 2 buttonhole stitches over every 2 stretched threads, see ills. 3a to 3c. Finishing: Remove lace pieces from support. Press under a damp pressing cloth or steam-press. Join side and shoulder seams with overhand stitches.

Source: Anna.

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