Quick Sewing Techniques Applied for Rag Quilting


A blanket in the quilting technique that has an application of rag quilting may include plenty of repeated details of various colors. Some needlewomen enjoy the process of sewing, which is why they don’t seek solutions to accelerate sewing together pieces of the same kind to create an integrated pattern. Other needlewomen, on the contrary, use Quick Sewing Techniques for rags, in order to create a pattern.

Quick Sewing Techniques: the line sewing of rags of the same kind

If you need to sew triangles, rectangles, or squares together, we may use Quick Sewing Techniques, performed in a line.


1. Position the details that you are going to sew together, facing inside.

2. Pin together every detail that you are going to sew.

3. Place the details in a line on the working surface of the sewing machine.

4. Stitch the seam of the 1st detail, make a few sewing machine stitches without fabric.

5. Feed the next detail, without stopping the sewing machine.

6. When all the details are stitched this way, cut the seam with the scissors, to let it free from fabric between the details. This Quick Sewing Technique requires preciseness to make the seams straight along the marked contour.

Quick Sewing Techniques: Putting together the pattern from the sewn fabric stripes

Chess patternThis wonderful technique will save you time when putting together chess, diamond, and chevron patterns. The technique is very simple and will even work for beginners. Cloth is sewn out of the long stripes of various fabrics. A stripy pattern comes out. Then, the cloth is cut into crosscut or slanted stripes. These stripes are arranged in the required order and sewn together.

Quick Sewing Techniques: Chess pattern

The fabrics of two contrasting colors, light and dark, will do for the chess pattern.

1. Measure and cut off long stripes of fabric. The number of the stripes must be even. The width of the stripes equals to one side of your square in the chess pattern plus a seam margin of 0.6 inch.

2. Using a sewing machine, sew the fabric stripes together, alternating the light and dark parts.

3. Iron the seams towards the dark fabric stripes. This is done to make the seams look neat and avoid their bristling when composing the pattern.

4. Measure and cut off the fabric parts, perpendicular to the sewn stripes. The width of the stripes, you are cutting, should be equal to the side of the square in the chess pattern plus a seam margin of 0.6 inch.

5. Now take 2 completed stripes with the squares. Put one stripe next to the other, turning it counterclockwise 180 degrees to form the chess squares.

Quick Sewing Techniques: Diamond pattern

Diamond pattern1. Measure and cut off the stripes of the chosen fabrics. The width of the stripe should equal the width of the diamond’s side plus seam margins of 0.6 inch or 1.5сm. Sew the stripes together in the required order.

2. Iron the seams out towards the corresponding fabric stripes.

3. Now mark and cut the slanted stripes on the stripy cloth. The angle of the stripes’ incline depends on the chosen diamond pattern (30, 45 or 60 degrees). The width of the stripes equals the width of the diamond’s side plus seam margins of 0.6 inch.

4. Cut and sew together the obtained fabric stripes, arranging them according to the pattern.

Chevron pattern

Quick Sewing Techniques: Chevron pattern

We are going to need two cloths of the sewn stripes for the chevron pattern. One cloth we are cutting at a certain angle (30, 45 or 60 degrees) to get the diamonds’ stripes. The other cloth is cut as a mirror reflection of the 1st one. Don’t forget to make seam margins for the seams of the diamonds’ sides. Sew the stripes together one after another, following the chevron pattern. Cut off the spare corners.

We hope that the presentedQuick Sewing Techniqueswill come in handy for you to create wonderful works in the quilting style. Also, read about the quick cutout technique for the quilting fabrics.