Round doily Daffodils - Filet Crochet Patterns


Supplies: 1 20 g. of white cord no. 30; steel hook no. 20 (n-1, 25).

Dimensions: 73 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row. br. = 0.6 cm.

Round doily Daffodils  Filet Crochet Patterns


The book is composed of a central motif around which are placed 12 units and 1 2 A elongated triangular patterns B.

Patterns A: Make a chain of 10 st. up to 1 st. casting form a square on which is the second row. 3 ch instead of a br, 1 br in the base of 3 ch, 2 ch, 2 br stitched in the same place as shown in the drawing. 3rd row: 3 ch, 1 br, 2 ch, 1 br, 1 ch, 1 br. From 4th to 51st row: Continue with the pattern, inc. of chq. side. A daffodil run from the 8th row. filling chq. black net on the drawing 2 br. - Once the motif is completed, the round surrounded by a st. tight. A sewing together 12 reasons pt. overlock.


Reasons B: Around 12 units A, 1 round to m. tight, then 1 round by repeating 1 br and 2 ch drawing along with four angles br, 2 ch, 4 br. 2nd to 4th row: Make chq. Pattern B rows separately. return and finish with 1 st round. tight.

Central motif: Close round one chain. 8 ch. 1st round: 12 times: 1 br., 1 ch (1st br.'s tower is replaced by 3 ch). 2nd round: 12 times, 1 pt. blown 2 br., 2 ch, 1 st. squeezed into a pattern for connecting the central motif, 2 ch.

Round doily Daffodils  Filet Crochet Patterns