Sewing handmade toys Swimming Frogs


Sewing handmade toys are good presents for kids. You can make this cuddly toy - frog even without much sewing experience

Approx. 40 cm/15 ¾ high. Pattern pieces 7 to17.

7 upper head piece, cut 1

8 middle head piece, cut 1

9 lower head piece, cut 1

10 back head piece, cut 2 as mirror images

11 arm, cut 2 pairs, each as mirror images

12 front leg, cut 2 as mirror images

13 back leg, cut 2 as mirror images

14 back, cut 2 as mirror images

15 belly, cut 1

16 seat, cut 1

17 swimming ring, cut 6 each in red and white


Materials fromTiekids (art. nos. in parentheses): 30 x 80 cm/12 x 31 ½ green woven fur, depth of pile 17 mm/ 11/16; 10 x 30 cm/4 x 12 each of red and white woven fur, depth of pile 7 mm/ ¼ (2034-07, 2042-07); sewing threads in color of woven furs; 15 cm/6 yellow cord, 4 mm/ 3/16 diameter (4259-04); 1 pair of yellow/black round eyes, 20 mm/3/4 diameter (3104-03-20); 1 joint for head, 35 mm/13/8 diameter (3501-04-35); 100 g polyester stuffing (3610-250); 150 g synthetic stuffing granules (3615-500). Or 1 kit containing all materials listed above, as well as pattern and instructions (Tiekids art. 1160-38 Eberhard).

Cutting: Trace the pattern pieces from the worksheet onto paper, including all markings and seam numbers/SN. Cut out exactly. Lay pattern pieces on wrong side of fur, following pattern layout and noting the direction of pile arrows. Transfer outlines and markings with waterproof felt-tip pen. Using pointed scissors, cut out pieces with 5 mm/ 3/16 seam allowance, making sure to not damage the pile.

General: On pieces that are joined with right sides facing, push the pile inwards as you sew. Either seams by hand with back stitch or by machine with short, narrow zigzag stitch. Be sure to fasten off thread ends securely at beginning and end of each seam. To free any hairs caught in the seam, use a blunt sewing needle. On pairs of body pieces work pieces as mirror images. Pieces that have been stitched with right sides facing, are best turned right side out with the help of a wooden spoon.

Sewing: For the head, join pieces 7 and 8, matching SN1 und 2. Then attach piece 9, matching SN 3 and 4. For head back, join 2 pieces 10 along center back seam, then sew head back to head front, matching SN 3, 5, and 6. Mount eyes at positions marked by x as follows: Make tiny crosswise incisions in backing fabric (not pile!). Insert eye pin from outside to inside. Load pin with safety disk from inside and press firmly in position with a spool, ill. a. Turn head right side out. Stuff with polyester stuffing. Gather seam allowance at neck edge with small running stitches. Push joint disk with pin through gathered opening. Pull up gathering thread around pin and fasten off securely. For each arm, stitch 2 pieces 11 together, right sides facing, leaving a slit for turning.

For legs, stitch darts on both pieces 12, trimming fabric inside darts close to stitching. Then stitch pieces 12 to pieces 13, right sides facing, leaving a slit for turning. Turn arms and legs right side out. Stuff with granules up to marking. Slip-stitch turning slits shut.

Body: For back, join 2 pieces 14 along center back seam, leaving a slit for turning. Then stitch back to belly 15 at sides and top, right sides facing, catching arms following SN 7 and leaving a gap between SN's 10 for inserting joint pin. Sew legs to belly matching SN 8 and 9. Then stitch seat to body matching SN 11, catching legs. Push joint pin into body and secure with washer and safety disk from inside, ill. b. The head should move freely. Turn body right side out and fill with remaining granules, then stuff with polyester stuffing. Close turning slit with short mattress stitches. For the mouth, tack yellow cord securely at each end, then hand-sew in place over seam between SN 3 and 4.

For the swimming ring, assemble 2 rings, each consisting of 3 pieces 17 in white and 3 pieces 17 in red, joined together in alternating color sequence. Lay both rings together, right sides facing. Stitch outer seam all round. Turn ring right side out and stuff with polyester stuffing. Stitch inner seam by hand.

Source: Anna.

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