Software for Macrame Patterns


How do you make macrame patterns? If you enjoy this interesting kind of needlework, and have already gained some of the tying skills, you may want to make your own macrame pattern. There is both paid and free software for making macrame patterns. Next, we will discuss some interesting programs, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Macrame Knots Guide Free

This is a free version of the program for the tied knots. You can learn how to tie knots varying in complexity. The program will allow you to combine your favorite knots into certain macramé patterns. The software offers common and decorative knots. In fact, you can find a step by step instruction for each type of knot. In the section featuring decorative knots, you can also find vintage, Celtic, Chinese, and other knots. The more you practice, the easier it will become to tie and make your own macramé patterns. The program is designed for the iOS operating system.


Knots Guide

Knots Guide is a free version, created for the Android operating system (version 2.1 and 2.2). Here you will find different kinds of knots, from which you can successfully make interesting macramé patterns. The free version offers 92 available knots, with a detailed description of their tying process.

There is a version of Knots Guide for the operating system iOS as well. There are 17 different categories of knots. Therefore, you can find the required knot either for macramé patterns, or even for climbing equipment and yachting. The processes of tying all those knots are described in detailed instructions and shown in photos.

Knots 3D: Free Knot Edition

This is a program for improving the skills of tying knots. It will help you master the most complex knots. All of them are represented in a 3D format. Thus, you can observe the knot from all sides, which helps you understand the very process of tying. The free version has a detailed description, as well as allows for the viewing of 33 main units in 360 angle degrees. The program is designed for the operating system Android 2.2/2.3.3.

Animated Knots 3D

This is the base of knots in 3d, which is designed for better understanding of how to tie knots. You can view knots and techniques of tying them in 3 dimensions. You can twist and carefully consider each knot from all sides. The program is compatible with the operating system iOS.

What Knot To Do

In this program, you will find a host of sport, fishing, army, and decorative knots. It will help you not only to make wonderful macramé patterns, but also fully prepare you for the hike. After all, the skills of tying knots can be useful anywhere, in any situation. The program is compatible with the operating system iOS.

We hope that these few programs will help you master the skills of tying knots well. In addition, you can now create your own unique macramé patterns.

Software for Macrame Patterns

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