Software for sewing which helps make patterns from your clothes


In order to sew high quality clothes, you will need patterns. You may make patterns using standard drawings from magazines, books or Internet and then adjust them to your own measurements. But, there exists software for sewing that helps seamstresses make clothing patterns according to given measures. It is very quick, convenient, and a good way to save time.

There are three main and popular programs that help make patterns for sewing: Wild Ginger Software, CAD Pattern Cutting Software and PatternsCAD. Below, we will describe each software for sewing in detail. All these programs will be of help tremendously with the making of clothing patterns, as well as patterns for bags and different accessorizes.


Wild Ginger Software

Wild Ginger Software is a very popular software for sewing purposes. The creators provide sewing software for for both home and professional seamstresses.

PatternMaster Boutique is software for sewing women's clothes. It helps make patterns based on given measurements. You may input more than 15 measurements of your body which help make the most accurate pattern to perfectly fit you. Besides, a great number of different pattern templates for dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, suits and coveralls may be found in this program. You can also make patterns for outerwear: jackets, fur coats, etc. You can even create your own design by editing existing patterns. All of the patterns may be printed on any type of printer. And, in addition to your pattern, you may also print a manual on how to sew clothes.

Wild Ginger SoftwarePatternMaster Child's Play is a program for sewing that will help to make clothing patterns for young children. This program contains a variety of clothing models for boys and girls of different ages. You may input up to 12 measurements of your child and the program will make a perfect pattern.

PatternMaster Curves is a program that will help make patterns for various tight-fitting elastic items. It contains models of swimsuits, underwear, sport and home clothes, etc.

PatternMaster Tailor Made is software for sewing men’s clothes. You may find a tremendous amount of templates of suits, shirts, outerwear and etc. in this program. It will help make an accurate pattern, calculate the amount of fabric needed for sewing, and provides a manual on how to sew clothes.

ClickSew is a program which contains a number of interesting models for women’s clothes. You can choose any model of standard size and print a pattern. It is an easy and low cost shortcut for sewing.

CAD Pattern Cutting Software E Telestia

Wild Things! Accessories is a collection of programs which contain patterns of various accessories: hats, bags, gloves, etc. Furthermore, you will also have a program for sewing clothes for house animals.

CAD Pattern Cutting Software E Telestia

This sewing software is perfect for making patterns for both your home and to gain professional skills and clothing models. A number of useful program functions allow you to create your own sewing models and make accurate patterns according to given measurements. You can make your own patterns and even create pattern libraries. Plus, this program enables you to work on several projects at the same time. It has easy to use functions such as light zooming, patterns editing, and patterns export and import in various formats. This program allows you to create clothes matching your individual design.



This is an easy-to-use sewing software for women’s clothing, which helps you make a pattern to fit your figure. You simply input your measurements and you’ll have a pattern ready for printing. The interface of this program is very straightforward and clear, so you can learn the features very fast.

We hope that this small overview of software for sewing helps make creating clothing patterns easy, and will help you while you create your perfect clothes.

Enjoy the amazing needlework.