Square tablecloth patterns composed


Supplies: 190 g. cord no.40, steel hook no. 22 (no.1,00).

Dimensions: Approximately 96 cm x 96 cm - A pattern = 17 x 17 cm.

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,6 cm.

1 row of triple - br. = 1,4 cm.

Square tablecloth patterns composed


Work ea. square separately. Start with a chain of 82 ch chq. Pattern A and B. A units are made with empty nets repeating 1 br., 2 ch and res. filled with 2 br. B. For the motifs make nets empty, res. met and res. fantasy, repeating 1 br., 3 ch, 1 st. tight, 3 ch. Run 27 rows and surrounded by a pattern chart res. 1 br repeating empty., 3 ch. The second motif and the grounds are assembled by previous pattern st. cast repeating 1 br., 1 ch, 1 st. casting pattern in neighboring 1 ch (see assembly drawing). Alternate 4 units A and 4 B units for a square.


Edging: 1st round: Repeat 1 st. tight, 3 ch. 2nd-5th round: 1 triple-br, 5 ch. 6th round: 1 dc, 3 ch. 7th round: As the first round. 8th -12th round: Follow the drawing. 13th round: Make arch. and pins as follows: 1 st. tight, 3 ch, 1 st. tight, 3 ch, 1 picot of 3 ch and a st. casting, 3 ch.

Square tablecloth patterns composed

Square tablecloth patterns composed