Stumpwork Summer Harvest Crab Apple

Stumpwork is not difficult but requires the same care and precision as other forms of embroidery to achieve the best results. See the previous article.


Using two strands of G and beginning at the right side of the base of the stem, work a line of outline stitch to the base of the leaf. Work a row of stem stitch to the flower bud, keeping the rows as close as possible until the stem separates (diag 7). Beginning at the base of the stem each time, continue stitching, alternating between outline and stem stitch until the stems are complete.

Crab apples

Outline the crab apple on each side of the bunch in split stitch, using D. Using the same thread, fill the apples with long and short stitch radiating the stitches from the point where the stem enters the apple (diag 8).

For the shading, embroider long and short stitch from the base of each apple over the previous stitches using A. Repeat at the top

of each apple, radiating the stitches from the point of the stem. Using E, work straight stitch highlights (diag 9).


Embroider the centre of the flower in padded satin stitch, using K.


Embroider the leaves following the step-by-step instructions, using I for couching the wire. Cover the outline in blanket stitch, using I, and the centre vein in overcast stitch, using F. Fill each side of the leaf with satin stitch, using I, and embroider the fine straight stitch veins, using F.

Crab apple slip

Outline the apple in split stitch using one strand of D. Embroider the apple in long and short stitch in the same manner as before. Work a row of running stitch 3mm (1/8) out from the edge of the apple, leaving both thread ends in the same manner as the raspberry slips.


Couch the wire around five petal shapes for the open flower, using H. Using the same color, cover the wire with blanket stitch and fill each petal with satin stitch. Embroider the lower half of each petal with straight stitches over the previous stitching, using C. Work several straight stitches for the veins at the base of each petal, using B. Couch the wire around the three remaining petal shapes for the pink flower, using C and cover with blanket stitch in the same manner as before. Fill each petal with satin stitch, using the same thread, and work several straight at the base, using B.


Cut out and attach the crab apple slip in a similar manner to the raspberries, pushing a tiny amount of fibre-fill under the slip before completing the stitching. Using D, work straight stitches around the edge to conceal any fabric that may be visible. Embroider the apple stalks in whipped back stitch using two strands of I. With two strands of G, stitch three to four Ghiordes knots at the base of each apple. Trim the knots to 3mm (1/8).

Cut out and attach the petals in the same manner as the raspberry flower. Embroider Ghiordes knots around the flower centre, using two strands of K, in the same manner as before. Trim the knots to 4mm (3/16). Embroider the sepals for the pink flower in straight stitches, using I over the top of the petals (diag 10).

Carefully cut out and attach the leaves in the same manner as the raspberry leaves.


Crab apple

DMC stranded cotton

A = 221 vydk shell pink

B = 224 vy It shell pink

C - 225 ultra It shell pink

D - 347 vy dk salmon

E = 350 med coral

F = 356 med terracotta

G = 420 dk hazelnut brown

H = 746 off-white

I = 3012 med khaki green J - 3013 It khaki green K=3821 med straw Needles N'o. 7 crew-el No. 9 crewel

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