Supplies: 40 q drawstring hlanc No. 40. Crocet steel No. 22.

Dimensions: 44 cm x 28 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. - 0.7 cm.



Motif central:

1st turn: Make a loop with the wire end. Repeat 4 times in loop 1 br. (Start with 3 ch and count as a br.), 5 ch. Attach the end of st. initially with 1 sl. 2nd round: Repeat 4 times 10 br. in the arc, 5 ch in the previous round, 4 ch. From the second Motif, in the second round instead of 4 ch, to 2 ch, together with the previous pattern 1 sc and 2 ch. 19 and assemble patterns related to drawing.


Assembled around the grounds:

1st round: Attach the wire to the arch of the central motif (the position shown in the drawing), repeat 1 sc, 12 ch all around. 2nd rnd: Make 15 sc. arc in ea of ??12 ch in the previous round. 3rd round: Make arches repeating 5 ch, one sc. at the junction of the arc in the previous round, 5 ch. 1 sc. in the mid 15 sc. the previous round but at each end of the book (above three central motifs that are rounded) repeat 4 fs 1 sc every 5 sc. on each of the 4 groups of 15 sc. the previous round. 4th round: Make 7 sc. in chq arc. 5 ch in the previous round: cut the thread. 5th round: Attach the wire back to the position shown Make 1 sc, repeat 7 ch, one sc. in the middle of the roll bar 7 sc.

the previous round. 6th round 10 sc Make chq arch of 7 st. round ch above. Repeat round 1 triple br (start with 5 ch and triple count as dc). 3 ch, 1 double br in the middle of the arc of 10 sc of the previous round. 3 ch. 8th round repeat 1 sc. 5 m ch and on the double br br triple the previous round. 9th round repeat 11 pt br scales of 1 sc 1 st in next sc of previous round. 10th round: As 7 round. 11th round: Repeat sc on all triple br previous round. 14 ch. 12th round: Repeat in every arc of 14 ch of the previous round * 2 half-br. 1 br. 13 double br. 1 br. 2 hdc. 13th round: Repeat 7sc., 7 ch by attaching the wire to the new one st. beginning from the previous round. 14th round: Crochet 1 sc in each sc from round 7 above, then 1 hdc, 1 dc, 7 double br. 1 br. Make1br in the arch of 7 st. aloft the previous round. 15th round: Make 4 st 4 sc on the previous turn and work in the same way as the 7. 16th round: Repeat 1 sc on all quadruples br, 10 ch. 17th round: Attach the wire again at the position indicated, repeat 10 doubles br. within the range of 10 st. up from the previous round (starting with 4 ch and count as a double br.), 3 ch, in the bow, 1 dc next, and ch. 18th round: 1 double br repeat on each of two br. the previous round and separated by 1 ch. 3 ch. 19th round: train pineapple with pineapple hoops. Between 72 br close. ens. and rounding separate pineapple 8 ch. From 20th to 22 th ??turn: Referring to the drawing, work the same way in the 19th round. From 23th to 25th round: Make ch to separate the 7 pineapple them. 26th turn: Make an arc of 5 ch at the top of chq pineapple, 5 arc, 5 ch on ch. 15 ch, arc 7, 5 ch on ch. 21 ch from the previous round.