Materials: Six-cord-crochet cotton No. 40. white: 125 g, a crochet hook No 0,75 (English no. 5.5, American no. 13)

Diameter: 60 cm or 24 in.


Мaке 9 chain and join into a ring,

1st round 3 chain for 1stitch double crochet then 26 double crochet into ring. Close each round with 1sleep stitch into 3rd chain from beginner.

2nd round Repeat *1 double crochet, 1 chain *

3rd round 1 double crochet into each double crochet and each chain of round before 54 double crochet.


4th round Repeat 6 times *10 double crochet (see drawing), 3 chain *

5th round *1 double crochet into each double crochet, in each corner (4 chain, 1 single crochet into chain loop of round before, 4 chain ) *

6th - 26th rounds Work as shown on drawing. In corners, work same as 4th and 5th rounds.

Finish 19ih round with 2 double crochets joined log. (making 1st into last double crochet of round and 2nd into single crochet of beginner).

27th 88th round Work in a ring up to 71st round, making corners as before. Make motifs filling spaces following diagram. From 72nd to 88th rounds, make the 6 parts separately, working back and forth, and dec. on both sides as shown on drawing and diagram.

89th round single crochet (as per drawing) all around table cloth.