Tablecloth Freshness - crochet patterns


Supplies: 220 g of cord No. 40, No. 22 steel hook.

Dimensions: 116 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of double - br. = 1 cm.

Tablecloth Freshness  crochet patterns


Close round a chain of 8 ch. 1st round: 32 double-br. (1st the double-br.'s round is still to be replaced by 4 ch). 2 round: 16 fs: 1 st. tight. 5 ch. Complete the round by one arc. 2 st. aloft and br. 3rd round: 1 pt blown three double-br., 3 ch, blown * 1 pt. Repeat from * to *. 4th round: Moving Forward with 1 st. casting, then repeat * 1 pt blown three double-br., 3 ch. 1 pt blown, 2 ch *. 5th round: Repeat *5 sc., 3 ch *. 6th round: 1 pt blown, 3 ch, blown 1 pt, 5 ch. 7th -23rd round: Repeat 5th and 6th round, with a number of st. growing ch according to drawing. 24th round: Begin with 10 doubles pineapple-br. 25th round: Make 10 double-br. Each separated by 1 st. Aloft on pineapple. 26th round: Attach the bow. ch with 1 st. Tight arc. 24th and 25th round and continue with pineapple 9 sc apple is continuous with bow. 7 ch. 28th -35th round: Continue pineapples according to drawing. 36th round: 13 double-br. 2nd to start the row of pineapple. 37th -56th round: Continue from the drawing and start a 3rd row pineapple. 57th -68th round: Finishing 3rd round by attaching the wire to the marked locations.



Surround the pineapple with 2 rows arc, 7 ch and finish with 7 sc. on arc.

Tablecloth Freshness  crochet patterns

Tablecloth Freshness  crochet patterns