Tablecloth Lotus Flowers - crochet schemes


Supplies: 250 g of cord No. 40, No. 22 steel hook, 33 white beads 1 cm in diameter.

Dimensions: 94 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.7 cm.

Tablecloth Lotus Flowers  crochet schemes


Looping with the end of the cord. Round 1st: 18 dc. each separated by 1 ch (1 br's round is always replaced by 3 ch). Pull the end of the cord to close the loop. 2nd round: Moving forward with 1 st. casting on the ch of the previous round, repeat 3 ch, one sc Close round by 1 ch and 1 hdc. From 3rd to 10th round: Make arch. increasing the ch


according to drawing. Finish ch round with br. shown in dess'n. 11th round: Repeat 7 ch, 3 br. on the 5th ch, 5 br. on the 6th st, 3 br. st on the 7th. In the chain arc of previous round make 7 ch, 1 sc. 12th round: Repeat *2 br., 1 ch, 2 br., 3 ch, 11 br. each separated by 1 ch, 3 ch *. 13th-14-round: * 1 Repeat 2 dc shell., 1 ch, 2 br., then 3 ch, 9arc of 3 st, set up by 1 sc., 3 ch *. 15th-18th round: Expanding shells according to drawing and continue with pineapple arc. 3 ch. 19th -24th round: Start a second row of pineapple shells between ea. pineapple. 25th 47th round: Arc. of 7 ch. Finish ch. round by 3 ch and one double-br. 48th 104th round: Make 4 rows of pineapple surrounded by shells according to drawing. 105th round: Make arch. 13st. Aloft. A ch. 9th arc. Removing the hook from the loop after is 13 ch, move the bead on the chain of the 13 ch, put the hook through the loop and to 1 st. tight on the bow of the previous round.

Tablecloth Lotus Flowers  crochet schemes

Tablecloth Lotus Flowers  crochet schemes