Tablecloth Spring - Crochet Pattern


Supplies: 200 g of cord No 40 steel hook No. 22.

Dimensions: 110 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of double-br. = 0.8 cm.

Tablecloth Spring  Crochet Pattern


Close round one chain 6 ch. 1st round: Repeat 1 sc, 10 ch. Complete with 5 st round. Aloft. 1 triple-br. 2nd round: Swap the arc. 8 and 6 ch and finish with 2 st. aloft, 1 double-br. 3rd-4th round: Arc. 6 ch. Finish up by drawing round. 5th round: 2 st. flows to move in the middle of the arc and make the number of stv the 1st round of double-br is always replaced by 3 ch). 2 ch, 3 double-br., 3 ch, 1 sc., 3 ch, 13 double-br., 3 ch,1 sc, 3 ch *. 8th round: 1 shell, 4 ch, 13 double-br each separated by 1 ch. 4 ch.* 9 round: 1 shell 5 ch. 12 sc each separated by arc. 6 ch 10 to 19 round: Finishing 1st pineapple row of sts inc. in the air between the shells and pineapples. 20th round: Complete pineapple with 1 triple-br. 21st -30th round: Making shells expanded with double-br and 2nd row pineapple. 31st - Tower: Complete with expanded shells ms each separated by 4 ch. Finish the round with 4 ch and one triple-br. 32nd round: Start with 1 sc, 4 ch. 1 sc on


2 * threw the triple-br., 18 ch, and continue as the drawing 1 sc. 33rd 44th round: Swap the arc. 4 and 14 ch. forward in the early rounds with peers 4 st. castings and finish with 7 ch and one quintuple-br. 45th round: Double - br each separated by 1 ch. 46th - 65th round: Swap large and small pineapple large pineapple are made with arc. of 7 ch and shells 2 br., 3 ch, 2 br by drawing contour. Between pineapple are interspersed double-br to the growing number who have passed years. groups of 5 in the last round.

Tablecloth Spring  Crochet Pattern

Tablecloth Spring  Crochet Pattern