Tablecloth Tulip - crochet patterns


Supplies: 220 g of cord No. 40, No. 22 steel hook.

Dimensions: 113 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of double-br. = 0.8 cm.

Tablecloth Tulip  crochet patterns


Close round 20 ch. 1 r round: 12 fs: 3 double-br. (always replace the double-br. at the join by 4 ch), 11 ch. Replace the last arc. 11 ch in 6 ch, 1 triple br. 2nd round: 3 double-br., * then the arc, following a 3 double-shell br., 3 ch, three double-br.* And finish with 3 double-br., 1 ch, 1 hdc. 3rd round: Shells separated by 5 ch by the patterns. 4th round: Make 3 ch, one sc., 3 ch between the shells. 5th -6th round: Shells and arc. Round 7th: Between the shells to 5 double-br., 5 ch, 5 double-br. 8th -10th round: Change the number of ch between the shells to drawing. From 11th to 14th round: Continue shells and bow determined by one sc. 15th round: Make the base of pineapples with 12 double-br. 16th round: 12 double-br. separated by 1 ch, and shells arc. of 7 ch. 17th round: Make the pineapple with 10 sc. separated by 3 ch. Round 18th -26th: Increase the number of ch between the sc. 27th -33th round: Shells and arc. of ch. 34th


45th round arc. 11 ch. Complete 5 rounds with ch and 1 -br quadrupled. 46th -69 th round: Shells and ch next drawing.

Tablecloth Tulip  crochet patterns

Tablecloth Tulip  crochet patterns