The List of Tapestry Tools That Make of the Whole Work


It is obvious that when a person makes up her mind to create any handmade objects, she makes sure that all tools are ready. Tapestry is not an exception to the rule. Tapestry tools make work easier and more enjoyable, and tapestry accessories decorate your work, making it amazing.

Standard Hooks

The essentialtapestry toolyou need is a hook. It can be either aluminum or plastic and usually comes in various sizes. The smallest one is B, and the largest is P/Q. As a beginner, you can try to start with sizes H and G. You shouldn’t buy all hooks at once.


A latch hook is also a usefultapestry tool. It is very helpful while fitting too thick and bulky yarns into a needle yarn. Its cost is relatively low, and this tool can be purchased at any local craft store.

Buying only one hook, you are making a mistake. It is recommended to have hooks in different sizes. They are small, so if you wish to keep them handy, it’s better to get a sort of a storage unit (a pencil cup, for example). Some people prefer buying various holders.

As a rule, a metal hook gauge comes in handy in yourtapestry toolbag. Don’t get surprised, when you see that a hook doesn’t have any number on it. Having a hook gauge, you can make sure you’re using the right size of thistapestry tool.

Yarns As BasicTools

Yarns As Basic ToolsIt is evident that you need yarns to begin learning stitches. Not all yarns are the same. They are of different weights and thickness. Sport and baby yarns are very fine, worsted weight afghans. While buying, pay attention to weight type that is printed on the label.


NeedlesNeedles are importanttapestry tools, so you should have a package of them. They can be large and blunt with a large eye, metal or plastic. If you lose needles from time to time, you should purchase two or three packs of thesetapestry toolsat once.

Stitch Markers

Stitch MarkersThere are lots of markers you can find in a craft store. Get a pack of them. Markers are manufactured in a variety of styles. Being serious about tapestry, get a market that is opened, so that you could hang it on stitches. If you have many markers, you can keep them intapestry accessories, like special handbags.


ScissorsA pair of scissors is the most importanttapestry tool. They must be sharp at the edges as they cut yarns and trim tails from finished projects. If you own several scissors, keep them in a usefultapestry accessory, like a tool bag.

Helpful Hints

Tapestry toolsare very helpful in your work. They do ½ of it, making it quicker and neater. But, there are cases whentapestry toolscannot help you. You should have some reference books, visit excellent resources and websites that can help you to work through all the problems you encounter.

These books and websites also provide you with various ideas abouttapestry accessoriesand the ideas you can fulfill.

Accent Your Home Décor withTapestry Accessories

Tapestry AccessoriesTapestry accessoriescreate a perfect look of your place, offering you various woven goods, rods, tassels that make your work unique. Populartapestry accessoriesare tassels and rods that are manufactured in many colors and sizes you can pick from.

Sometapestry accessoriesare known not for their decorative function, but for making the work easier. Many amateurs and professionals buy tapestry cushions, throws, tapestry handbags and tapestry bolsters.

Tapestry AccessoriesTapestry accessoriesmake your work a relaxing and wonderful hobby. Every time you work with them, you benefit from producing amazing items. By adding variousaccessorieslike tassels or rods, you decorate your home.

This list oftapestry accessoriesand tools will be very helpful in fulfilling your tapestry ideas.