Top 5 Programs for Machine Embroidery


Machine satin stitching can be a wonderfulhobbyor you can turn your hobby into a money making machine. If you have anembroidery machine, you're readyto createyour ownembroideredmasterpieces.To do it, youneed the software,where you cancreate an embroidery pattern, and thentransfer that patternonto fabric,using yourembroidery machine.

There is plenty ofqualitysoftware on the marketfor an affordableprice.All programs have trialdemo versionsthat will help you to make the right choice.Programsfor satin stitching embroidery have many useful features. Software producers can also offeryou ready-madetemplates thatyou can modifyslightly and use for your artwork.Here the list of most advantageous software products for satin stitching:


Embird. 2010 version

This program isfor machineembroidery and has two directions: Embird ManagerandEmbird Editor.There are alsoseveralplug-ins released,designed to workwith lettersand fonts.

What is this program capable of?Embird Manageris a modelprogramthat works withready-madefiles:

It convertsfiles createdin the programinto a variety offormats

It supports manyfile formats

It creates image archive

Embird. 2010  versionIt displays an imageon the screen in1:1 scale

It sends animage createdin a programto print

It createsa realistictemplate presentation

Embird Editor is a powerful toolfor template editing.Varieties of functionshelp to choose the rightstitchesand colors,to import ready-made images and edit themto your satisfaction.You can choosethe needed color, sizeand angle ofa stitchora seam.You can alsoinsert andedit anytext and fontfor embroidery.

Wilcom EmbroderyStudioWilcom EmbroderyStudio

This softwareis oneof the leading ones for professionalmachine embroidery.Itis designed for embroiderytemplates creating.The programcan workwith vector graphics. Thebasic packageincludesSorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5, as well as 50ready-madedesigntemplates with the option of visualizing them on clothes.While embroideringon fabric in this program, it is possible to implementready-madeelements.

Bernina Artista

Bernina ArtistaBernina Artistais a greatprogram that can beused formachine embroideryat home.The softwareversion of Bernina Artista Editorcontainsmany usefuland convenient functions:

You can editand combineready-made templates, change their sizes and colors.

You can editeach objectseparately,changing the shape ofthe stitchesand processing.

You can choose anyembroiderytext fontfrom the list ofscripts offered.

There are alsoversions ofBERNINA artista Auto Designerand Designer Plus,whichpresenta range offunctions for working with scannedandimportedimages.Alsothe software database contains a widerangeof patternsfor objects filling.

Corel DRAWings X_ PRO

Corel DRAWings X_ PROThis is an excellentproduct for templates creationfrom the famous software giantCorel.It is well suitedfor small business as well as home use. It workswith vectorimages and interprets the imageinto a finishedembroidery pattern easily andcorrectly.It automatically calculates thethread flow. The softwarealreadyincludes353 stylesand 194ready-madetemplates that you can combine to createyour own image.

Compucon EOS3

The programCompucon EOS3 is apowerfulimageeditor and digitizerfor machineembroidery templates’ creation.You will be able to import andmodify existingtemplates.Alsoyouwill find140 types of alphabet stylesin the program database. There is a possibility to importanyTrue Typefontinto the embroideryfont.Also, before you beginthe process ofembroideryon the fabric, you canvirtuallyvisualize thetemplate.