Top 5 Software Programs for Cross Stitching


The following is the list of the top 5 programs designed to help cross stitching lovers create their own designs as well as convert existing images into cross stitchingcharts.


It is probably the world’s most widely spreadcross stitching software . Its idea was to allow converting images into cross stitch patterns, keeping all functions as simple as possible at the same time. This idea has had some significant success amongcross stitchingfans of various skill levels.


The software is easy to work with.


It has an intuitive interface with easy to understandcross stitchingfunctions.

The file sizes of the created cross stitch charts are much smaller compared to othersoftware.

While these pros helped thissoftwaregain so many fans, its unsophisticated toolkit has unsurprisingly some major drawbacks as well.


PCStitchThe highlighting of the selected color function is missing even in the professional versions of PCStitch.

It’s fairly hard to look for individual stitches on the chart if you need some of them deleted.

The color scheme is slightly misbalanced towards the red side of color spectrum.


It is a good solution if you have just started withcross stitchingsoftware. The toolkit is basic while the end results are sometimes moderate.

Cross Stitch Professional Platinum

This software is used for creating unique custom cross stitch charts. Another function it offers is transforming digital photographs into charts. It creates complete ones that don’t require any additional editing.


Cross Stitch Professional has automatic digitizing function: just draw or scan an image and thesoftwarewill do the rest.

It offers an imitation of the stitched result and thread manager cards.

There are 5 versions included: three for hand stitching and two functions to create digital charts for machine.

It ensures an accurate color reproduction.

A more recent version of the software also permits usage of CMYK values for colors, stitch-by-stitch undo, custom stitch editor, etc.

Cross Stitch Professional PlatinumCons:

Sophisticated tool kit that requires some study.

It’s relatively high price.


It is a good program that allows high levels of chart customization. It is also accurate when it comes to color reproduction. Beginners may find it hard to cope with its toolkit.

Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch

Unlimited export capabilities and its extensive toolkit make thiscross stitching software oneof the most complete options on the market today. It makes all stages of cross stitch design creation as comprehensive as they can be.


“Foreground” function allows prioritizing colors that are needed on the foreground of yourcross stitchingchart.

An option to highlight all the stitches of the required color is available.

This program can be utilized for machine stitching.


The color scheme is a bit misbalanced towards the red side of a spectrum.


Obviously it’s the best choice for people who make their own patterns from scratch.

PM Stitch Creator

It’s a great choice for people who like making their owncross stitchingpatterns. It also offers an extensive image conversion toolkit for both JPEG and Photoshop files.


With the PM Stitch Creator you can view your pattern as color blocks, threads, or as a completed piece.

It has a wizard to navigate users through various functions of the program.

Has an easy to use pattern creator.

PM Stitch CreatorCons:

It’s relatively long learning curve.


It is an obvious choice for people who make their own patterns. The wizard that is included in the package should facilitate the learning experience for beginners too.


This one is somewhat less common than the rest. It offers all the basic functions, however, it’s worth considering nonetheless.


Basic functionality is included.

Image to chart conversion is enabled.


It is not widely spread, therefore, you may struggle finding files compatible with it.

Its price is relatively high.


Definitely consider getting a free trial version before buying.

Now you have the feeling of what kind of cross stitching softwareavailable on the market today. Use this guide to select the most appropriate option that matches your unique needs the best.