Two ideas and free applique patterns A happy zoo


“A happy zoo” is a great idea for applique , which will delight your child.Appliques are easy to create and they look good on the child’s clothes, a bag, or a decorative pillow.Later in the article, we will explain the process of the applique creation.For now, we offer two applique patterns featuring happy animals - Zebra and Giraffe. The material suitable for applique is cotton.You can use any non-elastic material of your preferred color.

Appliques can be edged with machine decorative stitches, as well as with hand embroidery stitching.The eyes of animals can be stitched or made out of dark colored buttons.Another option is to buy special eyes for stuffed toys at the craft store. However, if you are doing applique for a child under 3 years old, it is best to use embroidery.


The tools we will need

Sewing needle

Sewing-machine needle


An iron

A Marker or a pencil for the fabric

“A happy zoo” idea and applique pattern - Zebra
Applique Zebra is created in a black and white color scheme.It consists of nine elements.They are numbered from 1 to 5.

The work process

Download and print the free applique pattern.Fabric use is specified for the approximate applique size 7in*8, 5in.

Appliqué Zebra

Take pieces of white and black fabric and iron them, then, attach adhesive paper to it.Transfer the pattern contours on the fabric and cut out all the elements. Remove the protective layer of adhesive paper from element number one and carefully glue it in place.The same actions should be performed with all the elements. Paste them one by one according to the pattern.Iron the applique, so that the heated glue seals all the details.Decorative applique finishing is done either on a sewing machine, or by hand.It also can be done by hand from the beginning to the end.If you are edging the applique contours on the sewing machine, then use ZIG-ZAG stitching for that.For hand embroidery, use the rope technique.The zebra’s mane should be embroiled with white thread, according to the pattern.The eyes, mouth, stripes on the legs, hooves and tail brush should be embroiled with black thread.If you are making applique on clothing, we recommend attaching Vlieseline on the reverse side of the embroidery to secure threads in order to avoid applique embroidery damage.

Download Zebra applique patterns

The materials we will need:

White cotton 8in*/9in

Black cotton fabric 5in*4in

Adhesive paper for fabric

Vlieseline adhesive on one side approximately 7in*8,5in

Black and white threads for embroidery.

“A happy zoo - Giraffe
The idea and applique patterns “A happy zoo" - Giraffe
Another simple applique is a giraffe.It is made of materials in two colors: brown and orange.The approximate size of a giraffe 5.2in*8, 4in.The work process for the applique is the same as in Zebra applique.Now let’s concentrate on decorative work.When all the applique elements are glued together, begin edging the decorative details of each applique element.Stitch a snout, eyes, nose and mouth of a giraffe.You also need to sew a switch tail and hooves.

Download Giraffe applique patterns

The materials you will need:

Orange cotton 6in*9in

The brown cotton fabric 4in*4in

Adhesive paper for fabric

Vlieseline adhesive on one side for about 6in*9in

Brown thread for embroidery

We hope that you and your children will like “A Happy Zoo" ideas and applique patterns.You can download free applique patterns by following the links in each article.In the coming articles, we will offer you other interesting applique patterns.