Wonderful Quilting Ideas


Quilting opens lots of wonderful ideas to display your creativity. A variety of beautiful and valuable ideas are possible to make by using quilting. Quilting is a style of decorative sewing that includes different techniques. There are projects that can be made quickly and easily. However, there are some projects that take couple of months. But you wouldn’t mind spending time for a favorite hobby. Before starting the project you have to decide which quilting idea to choose.

Here is a list of home quilting ideas.



Perhaps it is the most popular and common item in the style of quilting. Quilts come in different sizes. It can be both for summer and winter time. It depends on the filling material inside. For summer time, cotton batting is the best material to use. As for winter time, wool batting or padding polyester can be used. We can talk about the choice of color for your future quilt for a long time. Of course your color predilection is the first thing to be taken into consideration. But you shouldn’t forget about the purpose of this quilt. If you are making a quilt for a baby then you should avoid too bright colors because colorful quilt would be distractive for a baby. You can use a few bright colors, but majority should be natural colors.

Wonderful ideas and patterns for quilts.

Pillows in quilting style

Pillows in quilting style look great in the interior. Small cushions decorate your home. It is fast and easy to make a small pillow in the quilting technique. Decorative pillows can be divided into following types: patterned, narrative, unusual shape, combined. Patterned pillows consist of a single block or several blocks of repeated motifs. Narrative decorative pillows are always based on the composition of selected image. Oddly shaped pillows speak for themselves. Everything that doesn’t look like a square or rectangle can be attributed to the unusual form of pillows. Combined decorative pillows style is a combination of all of the styles described above.

Pillow style quilting
Wonderful ideas and patterns for pillows

Quilting in your kitchen

There are so many useful things that can be done in the style of quilting in your kitchen: tablecloths, napkins, pot holders, trivets under hot dishes that retain heat in the envelope container.

While selecting materials for quilting of pot holders and trivets you should use heat-resistant fabric. The best option is cotton fabric. If you have synthetic fabric, you might check its resistance to temperature with an iron first before using selected material. You can start with small iron power and keep on ironing the fabric increasing power gradually. When the fabric will change its texture this is the limit of its resistance to high temperature. Also multi-layered batting is important for better thermal insulation.

Wonderful ideas and the quilt patterns for kitchen


Quilting and furniture
Quilting can be used to drape upholstered furniture. Such projects are very complex, because you must be skilled not only in sewing, but also in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. Draperies in the style of quilting look very nice and unusual. You should choose thick and time-proof fabric for draping of upholstered furniture. It has to be wearproof.

Wonderful ideas and quilt patterns for furniture


Quilting and carpets

You can also make home carpets using the method of quilting. That is a very complex and laborious process. Fabric must be durable. You can use fur, felt or wool. These carpets will always look special in your home interior. It will please the owner's eyes.

Wonderful ideas and the quilt patterns for carpet


Paintings are a beautiful part of your interior. It brings beauty and harmony into houses. Paintings made with the help of quilting technique look particularly special. This style is called art quilting. There are different levels of complexity of such paintings. You can combine several techniques. It's a real art and the peak of perfection in quilting techniques.

Wonderful ideas and quilt patterns for paintings.